Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tricking your face-hole

I love Coke. A lot. I'll take a bottled Coke, I'll enjoy a canned Coke, but a fountain Coke is the holy grail of carbonated deliciousness. Ginger ale or root beer will also suffice.

I recognize how bad pop is for people (yes, it's "pop" 'round these parts, and don't you dare listen to my pretentious husband who insists on calling it "soda"). I've whittled down my consumption to a can or two only every so often. We never buy pop for the house unless we're sick (ginger ale, sprite), because if it's there, Imma drink it all up.

So, I've decided to share my trickery with you. I've been buying La Croix. La Croix contains 100% natural spring water, and it doesn't have any calories, sweetener, or sodium. The flavors offered include pretty much any kind of fruit you can pick off a tree, and my favorite is pamplemousse (that's French for "grapefruit." No, it isn't my turn to be pretentious, that's really what they call the flavor.).
It's carbonated, y'see, so it feels like I'm drinking a pop without actually taking in any calories or naughty, frankenfood ingredients, and it's much more exciting than plain ol' bubbly water.

I've tried just about every flavor (I like grapfruit, lemon, and lime the best), except for coconut, which is just disgusting. Had coconuts never existed, my life would change exactly zero percent, except that maybe Tom Hanks would have died in Castaway instead of being sustained by the flesh of those repulsive, hairy monstrosities.


I've found La Croix at places like Target and Marsh, but not Walmart, at least around here. Try some today and trick yourself into thinking you're getting a treat!

NOTE: This post has been brought to you by first-world inconsequential topics.

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