Friday, August 27, 2010

Zoom Zoom

Me, busy, bad about posting, apologies, moving on...

So, long story. Saturday we were to attend a surprise birthday party and were charged with bringing the ice cream cake. Naturally, right before we went to purchase the cake, our car broke down. Dead-as-a-doornail. Or so we thought. We called brother-in-law and attempted a jump, which did exactly nothing except waste our time and his. So then we called for a tow truck. And then I called some friends who were also attending the birthday party, and like magic, they were parked next to us within minutes. Luckily, we applied for AAA a few weeks before our summer vacation, so we won't owe the towing company our firstborn. We bid farewell to brother-in-law, and piled into our friends' car, six people total (including the newest member of their family, who is still gestating!). We got the cake. We made it to the party. The birthday boy had fun, it seemed.Utter enjoyment or too many fruity drinks? The world may never know.Husband had fun, too, drinking away the frustration of a car that had turned into a very expensive paperweight. Pinky's up!

So, Monday. The call from the service department. "The car is fine! Drove it right into the shop! We'll check it out...better get working on that firstborn if you didn't already promise it to the tow truck people..."

We didn't end up giving them our firstborn. Instead, we promised a line of offspring as prodigious as the Duggar clan. Long story short, some expensive cable is shot. Husband and I, lacking an overabundance of patience for getting stranded at the whim of the automobile, opted to put the money we would have spent fixing the old car into something a little more reliable (which, to be frank, we have been discussing for a few months now). So, we did. We traded in my beautiful, red baby that I drove into our marriage......for, I will admit, and equally beautiful model in "graphite."Now, we will be able to "zoom, zoom."

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Fashion: Back on the wagon

Naturally, after I blogged about shredding in mid-May, everything went to hell. I went on a business trip; the summer heat boiled our second floor (Husband's future office, which has become my makeshift exercise room); and my parents began their move, which ended only last weekend.

But now there are two impending weddings to attend in September, and I purchased a dress for the first that will make me look like a sausage in an overstuffed casing unless I get off my ass once again. So I'm off pop, eating more fruit than my digestive system seems to accept, and back to regular meetings with the premiere emissary from Hell.

This is now a possibility because my evenings have become pits of despair devoid of activity. You see, I have finished my eight-month peregrination into the world of Jessica Fletcher. It's true, dear readers. I have finally finished all twelve seasons of Murder She Wrote. I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about the famous mystery writer-turned-amateur detective with a heart of gold.

What was Jessica Fletcher's maiden name, you ask? Why, McGill, of the Ireland McGills, of course!

In which war did Jessica's husband Frank serve as a bomber pilot? Korea, naturally!

What was the name of the orphaned nephew who Jessica and Frank took in after his parents were killed in an automobile accident? Grady, the darling!

This is, perhaps, not my greatest crowning achievement.

In honor of my beloved Jessica Fletcher, here are three items a fashionable mystery writer needs when stumbling over dead bodies at every turn.She cannot be seen without her beloved, classic strand of pearls. These could also serve as a makeshift device with which to strangle one's assailants. Just try not to chip a nail. Blue Nile, $130.
When tailing a suspect, be sure to sport a hat with a brim low enough to shield your face. If you can, try to purchase a hat with a bit of breathing room atop your head for covert pepper spray storage. Just-So Hat, $68.Finally, find some suitably dark sunglasses. That way, when you peer at your suspect from behind your New York Times, they won't notice your eyes are suspiciously studying them rather than the newspaper. Oakley, $220.

Best of luck, my intrepid sleuths!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The suffering of the male species

This. Is. Hilarious. Also terribly accurate. Do enjoy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Recently, BlindIrishPirate recognized my blog in her link roundup, which made me blush. She encouraged each recognizee (no, that isn't a word) to spread the love. I took the assignment to mean rounding up links to fledgling but content-rich blogs that I read on a regular or semi-regular basis. The only problem is that I don't religiously follow a great number of them, so I will split my list into two categories: young, blossoming blogs and well-known, popular blogs. Each are wonderful in their own way and add another dimension to the boundless publish-on-demand forum.

The blossomers
A Human Attempt at Flight
When I think of BlindIrish, the word I always return to is "feisty." But she's more than that. She is also thoughtful, spiritual, and contemplative. She isn't afraid to give a thorough verbal lashing regarding issues she feels passionately about, but her posts also take time to remember the simple beauty of life.

Elsie's Table
This author has been inspired to develop a food blog from her kitchen. She is a wonderful writer, and a delightful blast from my own past.

Phil's American Life
He's a fellow Gleek, movie and music lover, and one of the funniest people I know. I love his link roundups, which never fail to unearth something interesting. Plus, I designed his blog header. Huzzah!

Domestic Mom'ents
A new mother discusses raising her young son and learning hands-on about child development! Plus, she's one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Missing Link
He writes about life with a new home, a new wife, and a new job. Some of his posts get a little too techy for my Cro-Magnon brain, but I can always appreciate the photographs (his hobby) that he offers up.

Wonderfully Chaotic
This author chronicles life raising her two children and writing. I love her take on many "crunchy" topics.

The blossomed
The content of this author's blog caused her to be fired from her job. So, she turned her blog into her own business. She is a reformed Mormon and has led and currently leads a more storied, interesting life than I will ever know.

One of the reigning queens of the blogsphere, she writes about her joy and anxiety raising her son, who struggles with Spectrum/sensory disorder issues, while also wrangling a toddler. Also, she's really freaking funny.

The Pioneer Woman
Ree Drummond makes me want to have four children, buy a ranch in Oklahoma, and start cooking immediately. This blog never fails to bring laughter and inspiration.

Her Bad Mother
Calling herself a "recovering academic," she writes about the world of motherhood from a wonderfully philosophical perspective and at the same time works hard to change the world for children like her nephew, who is dying of Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. Also, she's Canadian. I won't hold this against her.

Jani's Journey
A father writes about his now-eight-year-old daughter who battles schizophrenia. It is as gripping and heart-wrenching as it sounds.

Hyperbole and a Half
This author can tell the most mundane stories from her life using the intentionally childish pictures she "paints" and make them utterly engrossing. One word: hilarious.

Daily Eye Candy

Another find from Husband! A handsome, eco-friendly bamboo bottle. Love! $25, link via Uncrate.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fashion: Warby Parker

My love for Tom's Shoes is no secret. You buy a pair of shoes from the company, and they give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Plus, the styles are adorable. Exhibit A: The new fall wedge
Now available in Cranberry (pictured), Ash, Black, and Midnight! $69. The hard part is choosing the color...

Having already been familiar with Tom's Shoes, I was thrilled to come across a company that has the same basic mission, only with glasses. Warby Parker's frames are not only retro-cool and available in many, many styles and colors, but with each purchase the company gives away a pair of glasses to near- or far-sighted brethren in need.

As someone who has trouble seeing her own hand in front of her face without my trusty spectacles, I cannot image living without being able to see clearly. I could not work, drive, or reliably discern my husband from some other strange man on the street. Things would get sticky.

In addition to offering wonderful, classic (and classy) styles to choose from, the company offers both home and virtual try-on services. All I had to do was upload an image of myself, and I clicked through numerous pairs until I found one that I liked quite well. The pair I am "wearing" is called "Aubrey" located under "Amber" frames, $95.I am not yet in need of a new pair of glasses, but this is definitely a company that I will keep in mind when the time rolls around again. You should too.

Frolic in fashion, everyone.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

It will be cold soon. I have to believe that, because the sweltering humidity is about to melt my brain. Last night, after hemming and hawing, I finally ventured outside to water my poor little neglected garden. Half an hour later it was pouring rain. Such is life.

When the world does go dormant once more, dress your man in the most adorable Nightsaber Coat of Arms Hooded Trench Coat. It's not actually a trench. Looks like a pea coat to me. But you don't have to tell your decapitated fella that.Jinx, $99.99-$101.99.

Monday, August 9, 2010

In recent couch potato news

After a long, hard day at the office, Husband and I particularly enjoy staying in our nice, cool home and watching an episode or two of a television show. When I get downtime from evening work, I especially relish this. While we are sure to watch shows that are currently on-air (when in-season), like IT Crowd, Penn & Teller's Bullshit, Family Guy, and House, we have lately been choosing television shows that have long since aired and been canceled, but that have become highly recommended cult classics. We have loved them. Now I want you to share in the bounty.
Arrested Development
We began watching the three seasons of Arrested Development a few months ago, and we fell madly, deeply in love. The comedy is unique and genuine. The characters are outlandish but lovable. The plot comes full circle at the conclusion, and the viewer is left with a sense of satisfaction. After George Bluth (Jeffrey Tambor) the patriarch the family and CEO of the family business is imprisoned, his responsible son Michael (Jason Bateman) must take over managing his affairs, both in the office and at home, a job made all the more difficult by his boozed up, spendthrift mother Lucille (Jessica Walter), and his three siblings, self-obsessed Lindsay (Portia de Rossi), failed magician GOB (Will Arnett), and inept Buster (Tony Hale). Supporting characters (it is a true ensemble cast and impossible to choose a favorite) include Michael's brother-in-law Tobias (David Cross), his niece Maeby (Alia Shawkat), and his son George-Michael (a baby-faced Michael Cera). Ron Howard narrates fantastically.Spaced
We are complete devotees of Simon Pegg thanks to Shaun of the Dead; Hot Fuzz; Run, Fatboy, Run; etc., so I was excited when Husband agreed to watch the two short seasons of Spaced with me, which had been waiting for our viewing for an embarrassingly long time. Spaced follows two unemployed, unlucky-in-love strangers who meet in a coffee shop. Would-be comic book cartoonist Tim (Simon Pegg) has just been dumped by his girlfriend when he meets would-be journalist Daisy (Jessica Hynes). Both discover they are in desperate need of a flat and, happening upon a "couples only" apartment listing, agree to pretend to be a couple to obtain the living quarters. And hilarity ensues with the most notable supporting character manifesting as gun-toting ex-soldier Mike (Nick Frost!). The show strikes a balance between melancholy, absurdity, and comedy.Firefly
Just last night we finished watching Serenity, which is the full-length movie made after the conclusion of the single season television show Firefly, created by Joss Whedon. Though the show spans just fourteen hour-long episodes, the characters are so rich and dynamic that the viewer quickly becomes invested in the lives of Mal (Nathan Fillion), who is the captain of the spaceship Serenity, and his crew. While the show is definitely classified as science fiction and takes place in a futuristic universe, it is set as if in the old West, with bar fights, horse-riding outlaws, and even a duel or two. The crew of Serenity looks for work, either above the law or below, wherever they can get it, constantly warring with the government, immoral criminals, and myriad threats. Because the show ends abruptly, we were thrilled to have the movie Serenity to watch, which picks up right where the show left off and provides some modicum of conclusion. Both the show and movie are surprising in their humor and drama, and I was consistently, genuinely surprised by the plot lines.

Put these on your list, on your computer, in your queue, wherever. If you are going to be a couch potato anyway, they are well worth your time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Friday Fashion: Shelves

I've felt quite like an ant lately. Scurrying around, picking up boxes ten times my body weight (usually appropriately covered in layers of dust and dirt) here and moving them there. And then unpacking, sorting, discarding, ferreting away, building a new nest.

My parents listed their house this week. And we finally almost have their possessions completely moved out. Almost. So close. Now comes the next phase: organization. If only their decor (meaning my mother's preference) leaned away from floral curtains and light oak (that is, country) and more toward sleek, dark, and clean lines. But we all can't have my superior taste...

I suppose these wonderfully useful and contemporary bookshelves would fit a bit better in my home...hmm...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Husband

Happy birthday to the man that always, always supports and helps and loves unfailingly.

As you slip into your mid-to-late twenties, I may joke about needing a new model, but frankly I like my old one just fine. It takes too long to get rid of that new man smell anyway.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

Who's a pretty boy, then?I adore the cool, pool color of these shoes. And I start to imagine the shoes without the strap. But then I stop imagining plain ol' peep toe flats, because the ankle strap is what makes this pair really special. They make me think I could wear them and pretend to be a ballet dancer. Then I stop thinking that because I remember how I flopped face first onto my hot driveway yesterday like a sack of sand while weed whacking. Luckily I didn't weed whack my face. Oh, and my neighbors were totally watching. Thankfully, I didn't hear their laughter over the purr of my weed whacker...

Nordstrom's, $44.90.