Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Recently, BlindIrishPirate recognized my blog in her link roundup, which made me blush. She encouraged each recognizee (no, that isn't a word) to spread the love. I took the assignment to mean rounding up links to fledgling but content-rich blogs that I read on a regular or semi-regular basis. The only problem is that I don't religiously follow a great number of them, so I will split my list into two categories: young, blossoming blogs and well-known, popular blogs. Each are wonderful in their own way and add another dimension to the boundless publish-on-demand forum.

The blossomers
A Human Attempt at Flight
When I think of BlindIrish, the word I always return to is "feisty." But she's more than that. She is also thoughtful, spiritual, and contemplative. She isn't afraid to give a thorough verbal lashing regarding issues she feels passionately about, but her posts also take time to remember the simple beauty of life.

Elsie's Table
This author has been inspired to develop a food blog from her kitchen. She is a wonderful writer, and a delightful blast from my own past.

Phil's American Life
He's a fellow Gleek, movie and music lover, and one of the funniest people I know. I love his link roundups, which never fail to unearth something interesting. Plus, I designed his blog header. Huzzah!

Domestic Mom'ents
A new mother discusses raising her young son and learning hands-on about child development! Plus, she's one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Missing Link
He writes about life with a new home, a new wife, and a new job. Some of his posts get a little too techy for my Cro-Magnon brain, but I can always appreciate the photographs (his hobby) that he offers up.

Wonderfully Chaotic
This author chronicles life raising her two children and writing. I love her take on many "crunchy" topics.

The blossomed
The content of this author's blog caused her to be fired from her job. So, she turned her blog into her own business. She is a reformed Mormon and has led and currently leads a more storied, interesting life than I will ever know.

One of the reigning queens of the blogsphere, she writes about her joy and anxiety raising her son, who struggles with Spectrum/sensory disorder issues, while also wrangling a toddler. Also, she's really freaking funny.

The Pioneer Woman
Ree Drummond makes me want to have four children, buy a ranch in Oklahoma, and start cooking immediately. This blog never fails to bring laughter and inspiration.

Her Bad Mother
Calling herself a "recovering academic," she writes about the world of motherhood from a wonderfully philosophical perspective and at the same time works hard to change the world for children like her nephew, who is dying of Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. Also, she's Canadian. I won't hold this against her.

Jani's Journey
A father writes about his now-eight-year-old daughter who battles schizophrenia. It is as gripping and heart-wrenching as it sounds.

Hyperbole and a Half
This author can tell the most mundane stories from her life using the intentionally childish pictures she "paints" and make them utterly engrossing. One word: hilarious.

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Elsie appreciates the nod... so do I. Love you!