Friday, August 27, 2010

Zoom Zoom

Me, busy, bad about posting, apologies, moving on...

So, long story. Saturday we were to attend a surprise birthday party and were charged with bringing the ice cream cake. Naturally, right before we went to purchase the cake, our car broke down. Dead-as-a-doornail. Or so we thought. We called brother-in-law and attempted a jump, which did exactly nothing except waste our time and his. So then we called for a tow truck. And then I called some friends who were also attending the birthday party, and like magic, they were parked next to us within minutes. Luckily, we applied for AAA a few weeks before our summer vacation, so we won't owe the towing company our firstborn. We bid farewell to brother-in-law, and piled into our friends' car, six people total (including the newest member of their family, who is still gestating!). We got the cake. We made it to the party. The birthday boy had fun, it seemed.Utter enjoyment or too many fruity drinks? The world may never know.Husband had fun, too, drinking away the frustration of a car that had turned into a very expensive paperweight. Pinky's up!

So, Monday. The call from the service department. "The car is fine! Drove it right into the shop! We'll check it out...better get working on that firstborn if you didn't already promise it to the tow truck people..."

We didn't end up giving them our firstborn. Instead, we promised a line of offspring as prodigious as the Duggar clan. Long story short, some expensive cable is shot. Husband and I, lacking an overabundance of patience for getting stranded at the whim of the automobile, opted to put the money we would have spent fixing the old car into something a little more reliable (which, to be frank, we have been discussing for a few months now). So, we did. We traded in my beautiful, red baby that I drove into our marriage......for, I will admit, and equally beautiful model in "graphite."Now, we will be able to "zoom, zoom."


GeorgeDubya said...

Your new ability to Zoom Zoom makes me smile, but the departure of the red car that I walked through Lafayette to get for you after your wedding makes me frown.

KittyMarie said...

I know, I frown too. But then I see cute new car and I smile. Focus on smile :)