Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fashion: Warby Parker

My love for Tom's Shoes is no secret. You buy a pair of shoes from the company, and they give a pair of shoes to a child in need. Plus, the styles are adorable. Exhibit A: The new fall wedge
Now available in Cranberry (pictured), Ash, Black, and Midnight! $69. The hard part is choosing the color...

Having already been familiar with Tom's Shoes, I was thrilled to come across a company that has the same basic mission, only with glasses. Warby Parker's frames are not only retro-cool and available in many, many styles and colors, but with each purchase the company gives away a pair of glasses to near- or far-sighted brethren in need.

As someone who has trouble seeing her own hand in front of her face without my trusty spectacles, I cannot image living without being able to see clearly. I could not work, drive, or reliably discern my husband from some other strange man on the street. Things would get sticky.

In addition to offering wonderful, classic (and classy) styles to choose from, the company offers both home and virtual try-on services. All I had to do was upload an image of myself, and I clicked through numerous pairs until I found one that I liked quite well. The pair I am "wearing" is called "Aubrey" located under "Amber" frames, $95.I am not yet in need of a new pair of glasses, but this is definitely a company that I will keep in mind when the time rolls around again. You should too.

Frolic in fashion, everyone.

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