Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My first 5K

On Saturday, I participated in my first 5K. I only walked it, but I finished it, and documented the journey. The 5K was for the Cornerstone Autism Foundation. 

 It was G's first 5K, too. He did wonderfully!
Husband ran the 5K, and then ran back to us and accompanied our walk for the last mile (showoff!). He did an amazing job, and came in third in his age category. I am so proud of him!

It was a wonderful even for a wonderful organization. I can't wait to participate in more events like this!

G at two and three months

Two months: He's still so tiny, but he's starting to open his eyes, and he's incredibly good-natured during a day-long shopping trip with his mama and me!

Three months: His personality is really beginning to come through, with smiles and giggles and hilarious expressions.

Love Abounding: Another Beautiful Wedding

Two weeks after our first September wedding, we were off once again to Michigan. This time to the Port Huron area. From our hotel (and the reception venue), we could see Canada. We wished we had more time to drive up and explore!

We attended the rehearsal, and then enjoyed a gorgeous venue for the rehearsal dinner, right on Lake Huron, with our dear friends.

The next day, they were married in a sweet and simple ceremony.

A trolly was available for the wedding party and spouses, which was such a fun and wonderful way to get everyone around for photos and then on to the reception.

Then, the celebration was on.

The groom's brother had suggested the groomsmen get some super creepy horse heads for a surprise dance at the reception. And what better song to dance to than this one?

They are two beautiful people, and I so look forward to years of making memories with them. Congratulations!!!