Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Artist and the Farmer: A Beautiful Wedding

The artist and the farmer were married on September 1 at a beautiful, bucolic venue.
The evening prior they practiced and we partied.

The day of the wedding, we were tasked with bringing possibly the most important part of the reception -- dessert. 25 pies. We commandeered a golf cart to get the pies from our cars into the reception, and we were off and running! Luckily we arrived early so we were on hand to help set up a bit and locate the programs, which had inexplicably been hidden on a high shelf in the kitchen! Then, in spite of the threat of rain, they got hitched in a beautiful ceremony that included kids in kilts and handfasting.

I was given the incredible honor to participate in their ceremony as a reader. I read the same book the Husband once read at two dear friends' ceremony. It was so special. 

Then at the reception we ate specialty chocolates, dined on locally sourced food, and took home very special treats -- honey from the artist and the farmer's homestead and maple syrup from a neighboring farm. Every detail was beautiful and thoughtful and oh, so them.  

I've always loved her. Since meeting him, my love has grown to envelop the two of them. They fit together so perfectly, and I cannot wait to see how the world is changed because of their united presence. Congratulations, my dearest artist and her farmer. 

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