Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And the next

I'm a girl who appreciates introspection. Writing in diaries, scrapbooking, taking photographs. I love occasions like the end of the year that provide an opportunity to look back and take stock of events that stood out, made an impact, made a memory.

But this year has been a different year altogether. Only two events jump to mind when I think "2009." Husband and I bought a house; my dad's life was irrevocably changed. Everything else just seemed inconsequential, at least in the big picture of my own tiny life.

Of course that isn't all that happened. I had my wisdom teeth removed. Friends were married (and married and married and married and married). Friends had babies. There were birthdays. Anniversaries were celebrated. Deaths were mourned. A new president took office. We finally moved out from under my in-laws' roof. And then there was fashion.

This year has left me looking toward the sky each moment, cowering, waiting for the other shoe to drop and crush my body. But it has also given me the blessing of appreciation for the people in my life. It isn't going to last forever, but at least I had another year with them. Another year to laugh and cry and hug and dance and smile. Another year to love them. And to love you. I wish you the best in 2010, and offer my support in case of the worst.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fashion: Holiday Party

If you are cooler than I am (nearly everyone is) and are invited to a fabulous holiday party with beautiful people and clinking champagne glasses, I think you should wear this, because I would. You know, if I was invited.

New York & Company Sleeveless Necklace Top, $19.97. But skip the necklace part, which is detachable. Your stunning cleavage will be enough. Actually having cleavage helps.

J. Crew Stardust Pencil Skirt, $118, in gunmetal. Oh, how I love the word "gunmetal."
You can't go to a holiday party without at least a little bit of festive red. Nine West Day, $68.95. I think you're old enough to handle kitten heels and a pointy toe. Just don't stand idly on any street corners.

Cerulean Smoky Quartz Drop Earrings, $28.00. Imaging these dancing as you flip your hair ever-so-seductively.Oh, y'alls. This is the bag that inspired this post. I am in love with this Urban Expressions clutch in grey for $48. It makes me melt off my chair. I would pair this with a garbage bag if I had to.

But I digress. Wear these beautiful, sparkly things and get noticed at your next chic party with all of your chic friends talking about chic topics.

I'll just be over at my house eating Cheetos straight from the bag and gargling some sparkling grape juice.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Ides of...December

So. It's official. I am not making my own Christmas cards this year.

I knew you would be upset.

My craft room is still torn to shreds without adequate storage, which I haven't found the time to purchase, so I don't know where anything is located. Plus, why isn't it still, like, September? I am out of time, and I am owning up to that fact. I still have hope of purchasing some economical-sized box of generic well wishes, but it just won't be the same. Please take my undying love as a consolation prize.

While my Christmas cards were a Fail, Husband and I did at least get our tree up this weekend. Of course, it is currently residing in our upstairs guest room because Husband's computer is sitting in its proper living room spot, but let's not dwell on the little things, m'kay? The tree is up, the shopping is done, and the gifts are wrapped. It's a Christmas miracle. See?

In addition to frantic gift buying and tree erecting this weekend, we also got to concert...

...the man behind the machine at Star Wars in Concert! It was way awesome, even if I have yet to see two of the original movies (I'm surprised I was even allowed into the venue). The orchestra played the well-known notes to film montages with carefully choreographed effects like lighting and fire, preceded by narration from C3PO. There was even an exhibit beforehand containing costumes, props, and the original sheet music.

We're ending this month, this year, this decade with a bang. Glad you are along for the ride.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Song

This is a beautiful, non-traditional Christmas song. Highly recommended.

Download the iTunes version here right now.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fashion: Christmas, Part 3

This is a very different year for us. Because my Dad can no longer go to his favorite local store, from which all of his Christmas presents come, we decided to forgo gift giving with my parents. It hasn't necessarily been a bad thing. This year I have only to worry about Husband, his parents and brother, and a few assorted friends. And so far I have completed gift buying for...Husband.

What? Christmas is in fourteen days? Oh, my...does anyone have a fire extinguisher handy? I think I'm going down in flames.

I wanted to be a sheep and do a gift guide for today's Friday Fashion Christmas FINALE, but I couldn't decide how to categorize the wonderful trifles that abound on Teh Internets. So, instead, I will run down some of my favorite (or just plain interesting) Web sites so you can hopefully check out something new and get some fresh perspective on gift giving. I know I'm going to need some fresh perspective...

Think Geek
This is one of my favorite Husband gift sites. You can buy all things geek here and be in very good company. The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie, $14.99.

Fred Flare
This site has some adorable clothing, but it is their accessories that are just precious. Take, for example, this Petit Four Lip Balm Set, $18. Perfect for a wind-chapped friend.

Mod ClothThis site has especially cute bags, but their clothing is sweet as well. I love the childlike simplicity of this Mod Go Round Bag, $59.99.

CeruleanThis site brings a little fashion to everyday living. Cotton Print Napkins in Orange Leaves, $36.

I recently became acquainted with this site, and I have fallen in love with what they have to offer. Take, for example, these Rondo Stoneware Dispensers, $12.

Jayson Home & Garden
Another site that is relatively new to me, this is a bit on the pricey side, but has some great deals if you look hard enough. I adore the rustic feel and the continual enjoyment these Seed Bombs, $9, would supply.

Everything but the kitchen sink. I want this pillow on my bed. The Lovebirds Pillow by Ferm Living, $110.

West ElmSleek and sophisticated offerings, like this stunning Silver Ceramic Refined Vase, $24.99.

Hable ConstructionCutsie poopsie household items. Camel Reeds & Berries Wool Felt Applique Tablerunner, $168.

And that concludes all Friday Fashion-related Christmas posts. Go forth and stimulate the economy. We're all counting on you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Help, please!

I have grown to love DSW. I was only introduced to DSW in the past year, but I have already decided that when I die, I plan to forgo Heaven and instead spend eternity in this shoe store.

As evidence of my conviction, I recently bought this pair of shoes, of which I am still in love.Rocket Dog Memories Thai Silk Knotted Flat. I usually have a major case of shoe regret after a purchase. Not so with this pair. They even look cute with a darling pair of striped socks (yes, I wear flats with socks. So shoot me; it's negative fifteen degrees outside.).

On to my dilemma. I have a $10 reward certificate for DSW. Plus, DSW currently has several great checkout coupon codes for free shipping and additional cash off orders over a certain amount, probably thanks to the holiday season. But what to buy? I only want to use the coupon on one (reasonably priced) item, but the problem is that I have 5,349 items currently on my wishlist. In the name of frugality, I need your help. What should I buy? Tell me persuasively in the comments which item is worthy of my purchase.*** Help a sister out (click on the links for the crappy purse thumbnail images if you want to see them in Full Living Color).Poppie Jones Ruffled Dome SatchelUrban Expressions Pleated Tote (in BROWN)Mondani Kendall Small Satchel (in BLUE)Rocket Dog Asahi Dash Sport Oxford Rocket Dog Capucine Knotted FlatJones New York Gringot Woven FlatMiss Me Millie 1 Hidden Wedge FlatRampage Hayley Beaded Flat

***I reserve the right to ignore any and all advice and buy something on impulse, even if it is ugly. Sorry. I'm like that.

Exhilaration and Devastation

The Glee kids finally made it to sectionals! Will and Emma enter a new realm in their relationship! Sue gets whats coming to her! Exhilaration!

But Glee is now on hiatus until April, according to my go-to Gleek Philboy! What am I going to watch during my Thursday lunch breaks? How will I make it through the cold, hard winter without the glowing Glee fire to keep me warm? Devastation!

Still, it's a must-see, if only for the music.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Fashion: Librarians are sexy, too

I know I promised you a third installment of Christmas-inspired Friday Fashion, but you're just going to have to wait with bated breath for that because I have something even better.

Being an editor for a university press under the umbrella of the school's libraries, I come into contact with a lot of librarians. I might be one myself if I could stand the moldy smell in the stacks and the annoying throngs of students googling "boobs" on the library computers. One thing I have learned is that, similar to the popular misconception of secretaries and nurses, librarians are not sexy. At all, really. They are generally bespectacled and dress with some modicum of prudishness (I'm looking back at you, KittyMarie). They are reserved. But don't you think, under that bookworm facade, there might be a smartly dressed fashionista in sensible heels and a pencil skirt just dying to be released? I think so. So does Spool 72, which provides proof that librarians can be well dressed and begrudgingly help you locate the newest piece of fluff fiction.

A librarian needs a large, lovely bag to carry all of those volumes of Twilight Harry Potter Pride and Prejudice. I love this Stacks Tote (yes, that's really what it is called) for $68. (And just think of all the outfits it would match with those colors!)

If you're going to be a sexy librarian, you need an understated sexy little dress. While this is a very dignified length, it never hurts to show a little arm. Give those scholars what they're looking for (oh, they're only looking for a fellowship and some grant money?'s a cute dress). Literally called "Librarian Dress" for $52.

Libraries are notoriously chilly. Throw this little Bookworm Cardigan over your shoulders for some warmth (and adorable-ness). Oh, I am a sucker for ruffles. $42.

Is the plum color in the previous cardigan a little bright for you? Prefer to look like you just stepped out of a secondhand bookshop in the English countryside? Try this Toffee Knit Sweater on for size. It fits me just right at $52.

For the librarian's night out, I love the striking color and feminine detailing of this 3rd floor blouse. Such a sweet, elegant top. $42.

Finally, every librarian needs a bit of bling to help catch the eye of that handsome young professor. I am in love with these Mrs. Wingeter Earrings for $26. Gold and purple is a beautiful combination.

Love your librarian (*cough* or editor *cough*), everybody.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zombies on my brain (and it is delicious)

As usual, BlindIrishPirate's recent post about zombies stuck with me and got my cranial juices flowing (she can always get my juices flowing...). Then, this post at Cracked didn't help matters. Did I ever tell you that Husband and I have an escape plan in place in case of a zombie apocalypse? It involves big guns and my parents' isolated country farm (we haven't yet developed a contingency plan, should my parents move to town...).

As a general rule, I don't like zombies. Or, to clarify, I don't like fast zombies. I can barely shuffle from the couch to the fridge and back without getting winded. How am I going to escape a brain-hungry undead being that runs like a cheetah hopped up on meth?

Slow zombies, now those are more my speed. I think that's why I love Shaun of the Dead so much. It's a rom-zom-com (romantic zombie comedy) that is both hilarious, heartwarming, and non-threatening. Possibly Husband and my favorite movie of all time. Something we can really sink our teeth into.