Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, we're off to a great start.

First day of a fresh month. Clear skies. Singing birds. And I am reacquainted with the fact that gravity is not my friend.

I took an impressively un-graceful tumble this morning, tripped, apparently, by thin air and sparkly sandals. Pavement: Meet KittyMarie. KittyMarie: Meet Pavement. Yes, it's going to be a great month, I can already tell. Also, note to self, stop wearing shorts. You don't have the legs for shorts, and your awkwardness requires the extra layer of protection provided by pants. Give it up, lady.

While I nurse my wounds and pound out a post with the sole use of my right hand, I will regale you with the tale of our weekend. Husband was a groomsman in his friend Missing Link's wedding (both geeks, mind you, not nerds). We left work early Friday to attend the rehearsal and got the chance for some quiet time together with two nights in a hotel, returning Sunday.

The church was totally gorgeous (although it could not compete with the bride's loveliness). It was also totally Catholic. I always feel more than just a little bit out of place during Catholic ceremonies, like I'm not in the "club." But the time-honored rituals are beautiful. Still, I'm pretty sure Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and his wife (Cheaper by the Dozen efficiency experts, for you Kanye West "proud non-readers" out there) could have figured out a way to streamline things. Did I mention this was the first of a possible four Catholic weddings that we are attending this summer? Yeah.

Seriously. Do you see how lovely they are? Please ignore the floating heads. I sat toward the back so I wouldn't get any disapproving looks when I didn't participate in Communion.

Mrs. Missing Link's colors were fresh and vibrant. The reception was held at Missing Link's parents' home, which was warm and inviting. Normally I despise outdoor events, but there was a tent and perfect weather, so I barely noticed. Aside from a few (chigger? mosquito?) bites on my feet, I wouldn't have even known we were outside. The open bar helped me forget that fact, too.

Everything seemed to go wonderfully. The reception ended just as tornado sirens began to blare, but the mood was festive and the rain held off (and no one got blown away). We were so happy to have been invited to share in Mr. and Mrs. Missing Link's special day. They are sweet people and are exceptional together.

I will leave you today with a picture that made me feel 99.9% better this morning. Does it not look like Husband Chuck Norris'd the other groomsman's junk?

He's a stud.

I'll let you know if I regain the ability to walk under my own power. Have a great June, everybody.


Kyle said...


Lester said...

Gravity can be such a punk. Let me tell you about a game called Tribes...

Matty said...

what a picture! junk, prepare to devastated by a straight right punch!

Katherine said...

I happened upon this picture yesterday morning and it cracked me up. Talk about an awkward moment to snap the photo!

Matty said...

awkward nothing - priceless!