Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding season is in full swing...

This past Saturday, Husband and I attended a beautiful wedding for a sweet and lovely couple. The ceremony was what I would like to call abbreviated Catholic, which, as every good Protestant knows, is the best kind of Catholic and was most appreciated.

The newlywed couple left the church in a horse-drawn carriage and everyone ventured just a few miles away, to the bride's parents' house, for the outdoor reception.

The weather was humid and everyone ended up sticky, for one reason or another, but the huge tent shaded us from the sun and the down-home appeal was undeniable.

Plus, we got to play with our favorite kid in the world (thanks, face-obscuring orange sippy cup for keeping the Internet creepies at bay!).

Husband donned aviators (but the tux and the boat were missing) and was reunited with some of his favorite boyfriends (keep up the good work, orange sippy cup).

And then there was dancing.

And although this is wedding three of five, I don't think I'll ever get tired of wearing this dress or being the plus one for this man.


Kyle said...

I like that dress too, you look amazing in it :) You tend to look amazing in general though :)

...Zac and Ashlie... said...

You look gorgeous Miss Katherine. As always.