Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm filled with...GLEE

I have approximately the same number of blog readers as the average American couple has children...about 1.86. I know that about .93 of you are incapable of appreciating the following television show that I am going to recommend (.93 is exactly half of 1.86. I know because I had to use the computer calculator to come up with that number. Because I'm an undiscovered genius.)

I have been meaning to write a post expounding on the fact that the upcoming fall show entitled "Glee" looks amazing. Then I visited BlindIrishPirate's blog and realized she beat me to the punch. Because she is incredible. Oh, and Philboy beat me to the punch, too. Because he and I have the same sensibilities. I also realized that I am seriously not as cool as they are because I have absolutely no idea how to embed the "Glee" trailer into my blog post, so you're just going to have to settle for visiting this link to the pilot on Hulu. The first episode aired after the recent conclusion of American Idol, tittilating my senses and then cruelly forcing me to wait until the season resumes in the fall. *Rends clothing; Beats breast*

I beg you to at least listen to the very last song in the "Glee" pilot, an astounding, artful, fresh arrangement of "Don't Stop Believin'." It starts at about 39:50.

So, if you were a band geek and purchased reeds weekly; if you wore a cumberbund and sang in the choir; if you participated in every single drama production and tried to convince everyone else what you already knew, that you were a true star, then "Glee" is for you. If not, well, we may not be able to be friends/acquaintances/married anymore. Your bad.


Kyle said...

Just not for me...I was too busy not caring about school and being bat shit insane to be in most school related activities ;)

GeorgeDubya said...

It looked interesting to me, but I refused to watch it because it was linked with American Idol. Now that I have a link to the Hulu version, I'll watch it.

Katherine said...

I promise it has nothing to do with American Idol in the least - they just wanted to capture that kind of audience, which is understandable. It's seriously awesome! (I do NOT watch American Idol at all.)

Lester said...

Also, Leverage is coming back over the summer so we don't have to wait until fall for awesome shows. http://www.tnt.tv/series/leverage/

It is rather like shadowrun the TV show with an awesome cast, dynamic characters, and explosions.

Don't skip the first season though. :)

blind irish pirate said...

Dude, here!

There is the exact song - most excellent. I get the most nerdy goosebumps listening to it. It like, takes me back to the days of women's choir and drama and speech team. *sigh*

Anyway, On the right hand side of the screen, under the poster's description of the video, there will be two boxes. One is the HTML link. The other is the HTML embed code. Copy this. Go to a new post, and on the right hand side of the editing box, click on "Edit HTML" (next to compose). I always C&P it there.