Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fashion: More home decor!

I hate to make this statement, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to jinx myself, but our home renovations are really starting to come together. I've been busy spackling and sanding all of the trim that has been re-nailed throughout the downstairs, my F-I-L and B-I-L have been putting up our beautiful blinds and only have three windows left to complete, and this weekend I think we've conned some extra help into coming over. Perhaps we will have the tile in the master bath/closet complete and our cabinets attached to the wall! Of course, as usual, we homeowners will be suspiciously absent, at least on Saturday, due to a wedding.

In the spirit of actually possibly maybe just maybe moving into our damn house, I bring you assorted, interesting wonderfulness from This site has some seriously cool home accessories! (Note: This is a UK company, so I will include the pricing in U.S. dollars as advertised).

This Nest Shoe Rack (wall-mounted for $115 and freestanding for $147) looks so sleek and still utilitarian! I would probably have to get fifteen of these puppies to hold all of my shoes, but turning my footwear into an architectural piece of artwork? Priceless.This simple Magazine Rack retails for $39.00 and would look absolutely adorable in our half bath! Let's ignore the fact that I don't subscribe to any magazines...but don't worry...Husband has that covered, but I won't tell you with what publication *winks at better half*.

These Candle Holders (thumb up and thumb down for $15.50 each) positively scream my husband's name. Should I ditch the elegant crystal candle holders I received at my bridal shower and our authentic wooden African candle holders that we purchased at a charity auction and go with these instead?
These are called "Frame Hooks," and I am assuming they are to hang coats on, but I suppose you could hang about anything here. How about a set for bathrobes or towels? For $8.00 each, they're not a bad buy and you can customize them with any picture you desire!

Finally, I am totally in love with this Wave Coat Rack for $77.50. There's even a small space at the bottom for one to store keys or sunglasses! This. Is. Cool. Me. Want. Now.

As a reminder, this Sunday is Father's Day, so go get a card for your father and grandfather right now or I will paddle your hiney! One of the many reasons I love my dad is his cinematic taste. My gifts to him this Father's Day? Clint Eastwood's Gran Tourino (I think he invented new racial slurs just for this movie!) and The Tale of Despereaux (uhm...adorable). My dad loves hard-ass characters and animated mice equally. My biggest concern? That he has already bought The Tale of Despereaux for you, Daddy!


Kyle said...

I had a subscription to EGM, and when they were shutdown I now get Maxim...There, I'm not getting Penthouse or any other type of magazine :p

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