Monday, June 15, 2009


This past week we celebrated both my mother-in-law and father-in law's birthdays (Tuesday and Friday, respectively). Lately, with so many bowling pins being juggled, I easily lose track of important events like these, because I am a terrible, terrible friend/family member/human being. Husband and I put our intensely creative minds together and gave each of them the most inspired birthday presents ever: gift cards. Yeah. I promise to put much more thought into the next round of gifts once I reclaim my brain from the house renovations, which are currently holding it hostage. At least I got my pah-tootie in gear and made each of them a special birthday dessert.

M-I-L requested Red Velvet Cake, and I found a wonderful recipe here. Before:

Note the innocent white buttercream frosting that hides the intense gore that only two full ounes of red food coloring can provide. After:

When asked what birthday dessert he would like best, F-I-L simply said "surprise me...just no pumpkin pie," which made me adore him even more (because pumpkin pie=ick). So, I did what any clueless D-I-L would do; I consulted M-I-L. She told me that he loves banana pudding/banana/Nilla wafer combo desserts (no recipe...that's pretty much it...). So that's what he got.

Since my baking gears were grinding and I had some buttermilk left over from the Red Velvet Cake (seriously, who just has buttermilk laying around these days?), I visited one of my new favorite Web sites The Pioneer Woman, which has a special cooking section, and found a recipe that I've been dying to try that includes buttermilk. I know, I know. You clicked on the link and realized that the cake I'm recommending is Prune Cake. Honestly, people, trust me on this one. Your life depends on making and consuming this cake in its entirety today. I didn't take a picture because I snarfed it up too quickly. I also took a few pieces to my parents, and there's still a bit left, but I think I'll finish the rest off tonight. It's tough acting like an Emeril wannabe.

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Kyle said...

mmmmm dessert, all of it was amazing!