Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fashion

So, dudes, I'm kind of digging these "Friday Fashion" posts, although the last few have turned exclusively into "Friday Foot Fashion." I'll try and give you a little more variety, you know, the spice of life. I will not, however, give you garlic, which we all know is the spice of burps.

Uhm...I don't know where I'm going with this. Moving on...

As we draw nearer and nearer to completing our renovations and actually living in our house (six months after purchase, ahem), I am beginning to think about the actual items we will need to make our daily lives comfortable. Because I consider home decor to be fashion, today let's focus this fashion post on our master bedroom, the Locus of Love, the Point of Passion, the Sector of Sex...

...too much?

If you will remember, we painted the walls a very dark, rich, lusty blue, with stark white baseboards, dark bamboo hardwood, and a ceiling fan that emulates the dark floor coloring. Our window blinds, which are not pictured, because they are still sitting in their unopened boxes next door, let in minimal light.

This picture doesn't do the dark little room justice. Also, the main operative word here is dark. The room is very cave-like, which is actually what we were going for (a soft, dark hole in which to nestle. Uhm...okay, so that came off as rather sexual, too. What's my deal today? It must be all that reproduction talk from earlier.) Although everything currently is very dark, I know that I want to lighten the room up a bit with a rug and bedding and accessories. We inherited bedroom furniture from Husband's grandfather, and it is a light, honey-colored wood. Not my personal decor choice, but I ain't gonna be arguing with free. I think it will be a good contrast with the floor and bring in a little softness in color. So, first, a potential rug:

I like the organic leaf pattern in this Dynamic Allure rug in ivory. Although the largest size is *cough* $999.00, it's quite soft and lovely. The pattern isn't too feminine, nor too masculine, and it would probably blend in with just about anything. Next: bedding.
This Fieldcrest Luxury Coverlet Set in silver is priced between $99.99 (queen) and $109.99 (king). This is probably the only piece in this post that might actually be purchased and make it into our new home. I saw something almost exactly the same at Macy's, which I fell in love with, until I noticed that just the coverlet alone was $300. Then I fell out of love and divorced the coverlet. And then I found and married his cheap cousin from Target, pictured. With crisp, white sheets, I would totally bed this bedding.This is just effing cool. Guess what it it is. Guess, guess, guess. Give up? It's a lamp. An Arc Touch Lamp from Chia'sso, to be exact. It's also $98, which I will try not to think about because it is so magnificent. Can you imagine us in bed reading beneath the light of twin lamps? Me with my Gabriel García Márquez novel and Husband with his Star Wars romantic.What would a bedroom be without an alarm clock? This OPTI Retro Alarm Clock from TOKYObay, at $38, is totally adorable. I usually don't like clocks that don't have numbers of some sort, because I'm an idiot, but I'll make an exception for this sweet clock. At least it would beat my unreliable cell phone alarm that I currently use!
I am putting some serious thought into making my own headboard for our master bed out of sturdy MDF, soft, thick batting, a contemporary fabric, and a lot of staples. I love this fabric sample in the Inger line for $5.99 per yard from Ikea. It's 100% cotton (a renewable material, score!) and would look so great with our bedding! Maybe not so much with that rug I picked...but that rug would never come to live with us anyways.
Finally, this Wave Ambient Fireplace, also from Chia'sso, isn't really something we will ever have, but it's fun to think about! We're planning to intentionally not have a television in our bedroom so we won't get discracted at bedtime. How neat would it be to wind down to a cracking fire intead of gearing up to "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" (sorry, Conan). The price is $1,398, a definite contributing factor to the We Will Never Own This feature, but it is still sleek and beautiful and lookin' is free!

I'm so ready to make this house our home...


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This post gets bonus points for using the word locus.

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