Monday, May 18, 2009

Gabriel García Márquez: A must read

I stumbled across an interesting article on entitled The Myth of Gabriel García Márquez: How a Colombian writer really changed literature. The article reviews the biography of García Márquez written by Gerald Martin, but it also provides great insight into the life of the writer. I first read García Márquez in college. One Hundred Years of Solitude was required reading for the Core class that focused study on Central and South America. I completely fell in love with that book and have read it many times over since. So long as the reader can keep all of the generations of the Buendía family straight (oh so many Josés and Arcadios and Aurelianos and Remidioses and Amarantas and Úrsulas), he or she can understand what a masterpiece the book truly is. I have been working my way through another book by García Márquez for many months, Love in the Time of Cholera, but I haven't made myself find time to finish it (and no, I have not seen the movie, nor do I plan to).

I highly, highly, higly suggest you read One Hundred Years of Solitude. You can never regret magical realism.

Not only is he an amazing author, but the man can wear a hat. Image from here.


blind irish pirate said...

I, too, am working my way through Love in the Time of Cholera. I put it down when something a little more fluffy and popular made its way into my hands, but Marquez's writing style is so classic and soothing.

Katherine said...

Very much so - love him! I'll have to dig into some of his short stories someday! It's just unfortunate because I read all day for my job and then don't want to read for pleasure in the evenings! Boo!

GeorgeDubya said...

So, I just finished rereading A Hundred Years Of Solitude (the only Core book I've ever reread) last week, and tried to buy Love in the Time of Cholera on Sunday. Unfortunately, none of the bookstores in my area seem to have a copy.

KittyMarie said...

Well I've only read the first chapter or so, but I would already recommend it. Try!