Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fashion

This past weekend on Saturday, while my father-in-law and three other men were slaving away installing our hardwood flooring, I went shopping. I felt rather bad abandoning them to the task, since it is, you know, my house, but after my experience "helping" the following day, I was reassured that I my assistance was very much not integral to the work. So I didn't feel too bad. Perhaps I should have felt worse about the absolute shoe gluttony in which I participated. I bought sneakers and sandals and wedges and flats and more flats (but, seriously, you cannot tell me that you would be able to pass up completely adorable flats for $7.50 and $9.99, respectively, right?) So, in honor of the shoe-gasm I had last weekend (and the subsequent heel blisters that served as my punishment this week), I bring you an assortment from, a site that I stumbled upon just today.

Thank You Note Seafoam Pumps, $62.40. I will begin with my favorite pair, though I cannot properly articulate why I love them so. Perhaps it is the color, seafoam. Is there a more delicious color in existence? Even the word sounds delicious: light, fluffy, with a hint of salt and snapper. I don't normally appreciate heels in faux wood, but the shape of these heels are simply adorable. These shoes are very delicate and elegant at the same time.

Lavender Purple Sweet Satin Ballet Flats, $27. These are just darling (aside from my personal, obvious color concerns). The Web site also informs me that they are vegan. So I guess if you ever get tired of wearing them, they can also be your afternoon snack.

Graphite "Check's in the Mail" Pumps, 62.40. I am in love with the slate purple color (and the name of these shoes). I don't normally gravitate toward metallic gold in shoes (or jewelry...or doorknobs...), but the tone is appropriate here. Again, super cute heel shape. I would gladly break my ankle in these.

1940s Inspired Aqua Scalloped Dolly Maryjanes, $49. This Web site manages to have the longest names for their products! The color is what jumps out at me first. I love the aqua (of course, I would have no clothes that would match these, but that is beside the point). There is something so simple and innocent about these shoes.

Black Ruffled Vintage Spat Maryjane Pump Boots, $54. I can't end a fashion post without including something completely horrible, just to leave a bad taste in your mouth. It's like three shoe genres (yes, I think the word "genres" is quite appropriate here) had a giant orgy in the back of a cobbler's shop and these shoes were the bastard offspring. Buttons, ruffles, straps, uncomfortable heel elevation, plus a zipper and leather? Ewwwww...I can't look anymore. Please, take them away.


GeorgeDubya said...

It's funny. I come for the house updates and funny stories, but I stay for the fashion.

Also, my verification word is "enumemic". It isn't even a real word, but it looks like epidimic and number had a bastard lovechild or something.

Katherine said...

I like to give my devoted readers a little of everything;-)

And "Enumemic" totally sounds like a real me, it sounds like a really blase feeling or something:) "I feel totally enumemic today...I just can't get motivated..." ;-)

Anderburf said...

I was so happy to see you had an adorable pair of vegan shoes on the list! There really are a lot of great options in eco and vegan shoes these days. I have been loving Vegan Chic lately for all of their cute styles and they are really affordable. Worth checking out if you are vegan or not!

Katherine said...

Thanks, Anderburf! I visited that site, and you are right about the affordable and cute shoes! Plus, I'm an absolute sucker for anything eco-friendly! I just might have to do a fashion post on that site!