Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

I love the graceful flowers on this dress. They remind me of the paperwork of Elsa Mora. The soft gray color is very unique and attractive as well. Can't you imagine wearing this to a beautiful outdoor evening wedding with magnolia trees weeping petals around the pool of guests? Gardenia Statement Dress, 195 (pounds, whatever that translates to!).

Just so you know...

Just so you know, my husband is the awesome-est. From Simone Walsh.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hey there

So, I've been gone. And now I'm back. And quite inexplicably overloaded. So here I've divided my life categorically into updates. Because categorizing things relieves my anxiety.

Salt Lake City: Gorgeous city filled with clean, well-organized streets, minimal graffiti, few rundown houses, polite people, and plenty of crazy. The moment our plane touched down a huge but beautiful storm moved in. The sky is so expansive that it lit up with breathtaking lightening. It was freezing and hailing and pouring rain, but every single minute of our trip after that the weather could not have been more perfect. I did not see a cloud in the sky the entire time.
Gorgeous mountain views that my camera does not do justice.

Aside from my coworkers and I being threatened with "getting fucked up" late at night at our tram stop by a homeless fellow who wanted a cigarette, the entire trip was quite pleasant. This is the clean, on-time tram we took to get around the city. As seen in the daylight and without aforementioned hobo, it is quite lovely.

The days were packed full of sessions and the evenings were filled with receptions, but I learned so much about my industry. On Sunday we had the entire morning and afternoon to explore the city before our plane departed, which my boss and I did. We visited the Mormon complex, sneaking in to see the last few minutes of the Tabernacle Choir performance in a center that seated 21,000. The music was truly beautiful (and two of the three songs I was surprised to find my own church sings on a regular basis).
The women dressed in lavender and the men in black, with a full orchestra accompanying them.

My boss and I also went to the Mormon museum, which depicted scenes from the Old and New Testament on the first and second floor, and then the Mormon-specific stories in the basement. (Appropriate, no?) I think Joseph Smith looks a big haughty, don't you?
Finally, we had an intimate guided tour of Brigham Young's "Beehive House" where [some] of his family lived. I say some, because the tour, the museum, everyone in the place avoided any mention of polygamy. According to a friend of my boss, who lives in the city, on our unofficial driving tour, Young kept many of his wives here, hence "beehive."

Our guides were two sisters, one from Bolivia, the other from Mongolia, here for their eighteen-month mission. Everywhere we went we heard the heavily enforced message of "Marriage, Family, Children." When my coworker told the two that he had children (they asked), the sisters looked at him as though he could levitate. I felt decidedly inadequate standing there with my dusty, unfruitful womb, which was confirmed by an interactive message from the current prophet at the Mormon museum. Apparently I will not become a whole person until I become a mother, so I had best run out and get knocked up. Duly noted.

The biggest letdown of the trip: I didn't see any special underwear in the gift shops!

Parents: They are moving. The official move was supposed to happen Monday (ohyes the day I returned home at 2 in the morning...), but it started to downpour so things have been postponed until Friday. I have almost 99% decided to take the day off and help them, but it comes with the annoying realization that I will have to spend any other free time this weekend chained to my home computer working, because I am so behind it isn't even funny. But in the long run, I will feel so much better helping them out (and attempting to lift heavy things that they have no business with) rather than devoting my daylight hours to catching up. So I think I will.

Oil Spill: I have been meaning to touch on this. It is incredibly heartbreaking, and the worst part I think is that we are so very helpless. We cannot send clothing or food or actually go down there and start scooping up the oil ourselves. It seems, all we can do is send money. So Husband and I did, if only to feel slightly less helpless. If you have discretionary income to give, this article provides some wonderful (and reputable) places to funnel your funds. We decided to give to the National Audobon Society, to help the oil-soaked animals and their ruined habitat, as well as Oxfam, to help the human beings whose lives and livelihood this spill will destroy. I am loathe to tell you this and for you think that my disclosure is in any way trying to appear morally superior. Change happens through others setting examples, and I simply want to offer up some ideas that we found beneficial in case you too are interested in helping but are uncertain how.

A bit of a random and disjointed post, but that is all I can manage these days! A hug to each of you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

By it's very definition...

...Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.

And joy is what this season of "Glee" provided. I am posting my thoughts belatedly because I've already verbally hashed out my reaction, and I'm just a little afraid that the golden glow, the exciting, uniting "Glee" phenomenon, will never happen again. I want to savor the moment.

The finale hearkened back to the pilot, with a wonderful Journey medley and several of the characters' stories coming full circle. [Spoiler alert.] Ah, closure. Rachel and Finn finally acknowledged their love. Will confessed his deep-seated affection for Emma, dentist or not! Quinn reunited with her estranged mother, had her baby, and we got to see a more genuine side of Puck. Shelby got a family. Sue bit and snarled and spit but eventually let slip just how good she really might be. And Vocal Adrenaline won, of course, cementing New Directions' status as underdogs.

I had some serious problems with the episode (like Quinn's unbelievably quick labor and delivery), but I ultimately decided to take my dear friend and fellow "Glee" fanatic Philboy's advice: Just don't think too hard about it all. If I think too hard, wonder about the future/motivation/plausibility of a group of unbelievably talented (apparent) sophomores, the reality will begin to tarnish the magical golden glow. And I don't want that.

All I want to think about is this: They've "got another year"!*

*Actually, they've got another two years. But we'll pretend like there's still some suspense left for the show to be officially embraced by the network.

In mourning

I haven't posted in forever because I have been in mourning. The first season of "Glee" is over. Woe! Woe is me, I tell you!

Okay, well, that isn't entirely true. I've also been really gosh darn busy completing a big freelance project before I leave (today!) for my business trip. (Remember burglars: Husband will still be home. With guns. And large, rabid dogs. So no funny business.)

Also, this past week and weekend we celebrated three birthdays and Father's Day (a week early, because I will be gone the day of). In addition to that, I helped paint my parents' new kitchen. I only had the chance to pack last night!

No pressure whatsoever when both of your in-laws have birthdays in the same week...Happy birthdays, my favorite in-laws and neighbors!

Oh, and one of them turned the big 5-0. I won't tell you which one, because then I would have to kill you. And probably myself. (That's an inflatable walker, for those of you who are above such blow-up novelty gifts. It was pretty funny, brother!)

For Father's Day, we kept it simple. The rain kept us from grilling out, but our stove served the same purpose just fine. And there were these cookies, so really, we didn't need anything else. (The centerpiece is cherries from our cherry tree. I don't yet have any flowers in my garden or landscape, so it was my attempt at being creative...)

Happy Father's Day, father-in-law. Those are some handsome boys you've got there!

Happy Father's Day, daddy. That offspring doesn't quite match the handsome-ness quotient of the previous picture, but at least she can make cookies!

Heh. I told you we got them bullets and booze as gifts. Pictorial proof!

They thought it was funny...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fashion: Daddy Dearest

It's Friday, and even though I took yesterday off, I spent the day scurrying from appointment to appointment and am completely exhausted. Unfortunately this weekend is turning out to be quite busy (unfortunate in that I am leaving for my business trip this coming week and had hoped for some quiet down time before departure. C'est la vie.).

The activities aren't actually unfortunate, just time-consuming. In fact, they will be rather fun. Saturday I will be helping finish painting my parents' new home and will celebrate the birthdays of my father-in law and superstar friend Philboy. Since I won't be home for Father's Day next weekend, we are celebrating it this Sunday. I plan to not be in the kitchen cooking for nine hours, instead keeping it simple with hamburgers and chips (though I will break out my cooking utensils to make the best chocolate chip cookies EVER. Seriously. Make today.).

So, for this Friday Fashion I could include all of the fabulous, beautifully-designed trinkets we purchased for our fathers. Or I could be honest.

22? Sure, let's call this a 22-caliber bullet.

And 9 mm? Let's hope so.

He likes it. No, I don't know why.


Seriously. We bought them bullets and booze.

What more could a dad ask for?

For the record, yes, here is your confirmation, we are rednecks.

Guinea Pig

I never thought I would become one of those people. The kind of person that readily sends her husband off to the doctor or admonishes her friends and family for not seeing someone about their sniffles, but chooses the "ignore it and it'll go away" approach for herself.

Since my father's illness, anytime he so much as coughs in my presence I suggest he see someone. You know, just in case. I worry endlessly about my mother's mental health (I think she's taking on too much) or my grandmother's most recent fall (move to a damn assisted living facility already!). But if something seems off in my own body, I prefer to ignore the symptom(s) until they improve. Which, so far, they mostly always do. Oh, I see a gynecologist promptly for my yearly exam (I am forced to, to get a renewal for my anti-baby prescription), see my dentist without fail every six months, and see my eye doctor after the requisite two-year interval, but everything else,'ll surely go away. If I'm sick, I will gladly stay home from work and sip ginger ale, but I probably won't crawl out of my pajamas to see someone with an expensive degree and prescription pad. It isn't the cost (though medical costs nowadays are outrageous, even with insurance), but it's more the effort and not wanting to seem like a hypochondriac at every little sniffle or sprain. In addition, I haven't actually had a regular general doctor since high school...

This leads to some exasperation on the part of Husband. For instance, I let a cold (probably a sinus infection?) go without seeing anyone until I had a double ear infection and essentially became deaf for two weeks.

Most recently, my allergies have shifted into high gear. I go nowhere without a handkerchief and spend most of my days sniffling away, peering through puffy eyes, interrupted intermittently with violent sneezing fits and furious body scratching. Husband and I both saw an allergist two years ago, but I let my prescription lapse. Husband readily went back and received several prescriptions that have all but eliminated the plague of his allergies, but I have been steadfastly refusing, in spite of his admonitions and cajoling and threats of divorce (kidding. Maybe.). I have lived with allergies for my entire life, so I've gotten used to ignoring them, but they are smacking me in the face with a vengeance this year, and so I am breaking down and going back to the allergist to request some kind of witch magic or assisted suicide.

So, there, Husband. Are you happy now? You win. As usual!


On Wednesday I received the wonderful, wholly unexpected news that I had received a promotion. I am calling it a "promotion" for lack of a better word. I was hired two years ago this coming Wednesday as "editorial associate." In truth, I was (and am) doing the job of managing editor. I am the only full-time editor in my six-person office, aided by a half-time graduate student. We produce roughly thirty-five books a year and ten journals (which will soon be increased to thirteen). When I was hired, the position called for an "editorial associate" for two reasons, I believe: I am young, and I work cheap. However, fast-forward two years, and my new boss apparently entreated the Powers That Be to "promote" me to "production editor," along with a tidy raise, somehow garnered in this economy. And I am thrilled. More than the extra few dollars a month, I feel better about my position as a whole. My "fake it 'til you make it" approach has worked. I am starting to become a real, knowledgeable, viable employee. I am on my way to "managing editor." You just watch.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

I love Simone Walsh jewelry. Have I mentioned her site before? I might have shown you her butterfly wing pendant previously, so I will highlight a few of her other gems instead. Everything is simply and sleek, but with a rough hewn look that whispers "handmade; special," and seemingly inspired by nature. She now has her prices listed in American dollars, which is spectacular since she is based in Australia.

Poppy pendant on silk (hand cut), $52.

Native iris pendant, $82.

Rose ring, $68.

While every single one of her pieces is absolutely lovely, for the record, I would still pick the butterfly wing pendant every time. So striking. I must own one day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

I had the opportunity to briefly meet a dear friend for lunch on Saturday. She was in town on a very quick trip to attend a wedding, and since she lives hours away by plane, I jump at any opportunity to see her when she is in town! She is a true individual, and is rarely seen without a pair of Vibram Five Fingers on her feet nowadays. Husband also recently purchased a pair, and now that the snow is off the ground, he has been wearing them more and more. In truth, the cost of the pair was worth the hilarity of watching him struggle to get the shoes on his feet. Of course, poor Husband, unlike me, hasn't had the benefit of years of conditioning with toe socks.

Anyway, long story short, these shoes are pretty darn cool and certainly garner some interested looks while out and about.
This is a pair of women's Performa in violet, $110.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today I packed up my childhood and drove it away. It only took two carloads. Funny. I thought it would take more.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fashion: Spa Time

I can feel it building, rising, squeezing my chest until I pant from anxiety: Stress. Work, work, work. Big projects. Short deadlines. I'm getting a little stressed. Perhaps Etsy can offer up a few gems to provide some relief...

Do you have one of these? A crafty friend of mine gave me one a few years ago. It is filled with rice and retains heat after microwaving. It made for such a wonderful gift. I love the fabric used on this Microwavable Hot/Cold Therapy Pillow, 19.95. This one is filled with corn, but I bet it's just as good!

Ahhh, soft, plush slippers. The height of luxury (in my world). And these are beautifully embroidered with a fleur-de-lis! Go ahead, pretend you're the queen wearing these at Versailles. Women's Waffle Weave Spa Slippers, $14.
Everyone needs a spa tote, right? Something to store your loose clothing and make-up for after that massage and facial? I love the groovy pattern on this Stella Tote, $42. Truth be told, I would probably not only use this at the spa...

You might think these look gross, but to me they look so natural and lovely! And like they would smell amazing. Perfect for a nice, long, hot bath. Just lay back and turn into a raisin. Green Tea with Roasted Rice Hand-Crafted Soap, $5.50.

I adore the smell of lavender. This Lavender Eye Pillow, $10, would feel so refreshing pressed against your face while reclining on something soft and cozy. The scent of lavender is so calming and reminds me of the white and purple lavender trees at my parents' house (which will soon belong to someone else...*sniff*). Husband and I were gifted a lavender tree sapling but it seems our black thumbs mortally wounded it and his mother's landscape tiller finished it off... Oh, and yes, I realize that the lavender in this sachet is different from the lavender trees. Humor me. I have also realized that I am clinically unable to correctly spell lavender without the help of SpellCheck.

Oh hey, I ALSO just realized that when I wrote "Lavender Trees" just now I actually was thinking of "Lilac Trees." Those are what my parents have. I don't even think "Lavender Trees" are a real thing. But now I've already gone and written that whole paragraph. So you're just going to have to live with my imperfections.

Happy Friday, everyone. TGIF, for the love of PETE.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

Dudes, can you handle this? I always knew that I liked Tom's Shoes (for every pair you purchase, they give a pair to a less fortunate child). I have been meaning to buy a pair, but was waiting until I actually needed some (if you listen to Husband, he will tell you that I have so many pairs of shoes, that I should be set for life. Do not listen to Husband. He lies.).

Okay, so I still don't really need a new pair of shoes. At least that's what I thought. Until I saw these.Are they serious with these? Peep-toe wedges?! I am in love! What's even better, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. I know I should stick to a practical black pair, but these red striped numbers ($69) are calling my name and haunting my dreams.

I want. I want hard.

So do it, purchase a pair for yourself. Tom's is proof that giving back doesn't have to hurt. In fact, it hurts so little, maybe you should just go ahead a buy two pairs...

nothing Gold can stay...

For most of my childhood, I subsisted on antennae alone. I was left to search fruitlessly for mindless entertainment on a few fuzzy major networks. My family lived like savages, I know.

The only time I got to watch a television with more than five channels was when I went to a friend's house or when we went on vacation. Oh, those few, glorious days each year spent laying luxuriously on a semen-stained comforter at the closest Holiday Inn to the interstate off-ramp, watching shows that my parents probably should have monitored a little more closely.

But I did not have to live like this forever. Soon I grew older, my parents grew wiser, and they found that they couldn't subject their budding pubescent teen to the American third world: life without MTV.

So we got a dish.

And before you knew it, I was all caught up on my favorite guilty pleasure (that I am sure every fourteen-year-old girl shared): the "Golden Girls."

I loved each of them equally: Sophia, with her caustic wit; her daughter Dorothy, equally as razor-tongued; Blanche, the whore with a heart of gold; and sweet, congenial, but dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks Rose.

Today we have lost another legend, the third thus far, Rue McLanahan. May she rest in peace (hopefully on a sunny hill under some grand oak tree on Big Daddy's plantation).

Let us also remember today to take care of one of our greatest national treasures: the last living Golden Girl, Betty White.

Stay gold, Betty. Stay gold.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

So, I happened to see this online commercial for Dove by "Glee" star Lea Michele. It's a rather annoying commercial, but there is one redeeming part: the black and white lace babydoll dress that she dons at around 1:00.

I am in love with that dress. It is haunting my dreams. Where can I find that dress???

I looked longingly online, but these were the closest I could come up with. I guess the inspiration of that dress will just have to be sufficient.Just not the same...but close...though getting a little too close to a Southern belle-at-the-chastity-ball for my taste.I know it's pink, but it has a similar feel. I like the black tulle peeking out of the bottom, very sweet.

But, oh, that dress!