Wednesday, June 16, 2010

By it's very definition...

...Glee is about opening yourself up to joy.

And joy is what this season of "Glee" provided. I am posting my thoughts belatedly because I've already verbally hashed out my reaction, and I'm just a little afraid that the golden glow, the exciting, uniting "Glee" phenomenon, will never happen again. I want to savor the moment.

The finale hearkened back to the pilot, with a wonderful Journey medley and several of the characters' stories coming full circle. [Spoiler alert.] Ah, closure. Rachel and Finn finally acknowledged their love. Will confessed his deep-seated affection for Emma, dentist or not! Quinn reunited with her estranged mother, had her baby, and we got to see a more genuine side of Puck. Shelby got a family. Sue bit and snarled and spit but eventually let slip just how good she really might be. And Vocal Adrenaline won, of course, cementing New Directions' status as underdogs.

I had some serious problems with the episode (like Quinn's unbelievably quick labor and delivery), but I ultimately decided to take my dear friend and fellow "Glee" fanatic Philboy's advice: Just don't think too hard about it all. If I think too hard, wonder about the future/motivation/plausibility of a group of unbelievably talented (apparent) sophomores, the reality will begin to tarnish the magical golden glow. And I don't want that.

All I want to think about is this: They've "got another year"!*

*Actually, they've got another two years. But we'll pretend like there's still some suspense left for the show to be officially embraced by the network.

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blind irish pirate said...

... I was waiting for Sue Sylvester to cut a bitch in the judge's room.