Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In mourning

I haven't posted in forever because I have been in mourning. The first season of "Glee" is over. Woe! Woe is me, I tell you!

Okay, well, that isn't entirely true. I've also been really gosh darn busy completing a big freelance project before I leave (today!) for my business trip. (Remember burglars: Husband will still be home. With guns. And large, rabid dogs. So no funny business.)

Also, this past week and weekend we celebrated three birthdays and Father's Day (a week early, because I will be gone the day of). In addition to that, I helped paint my parents' new kitchen. I only had the chance to pack last night!

No pressure whatsoever when both of your in-laws have birthdays in the same week...Happy birthdays, my favorite in-laws and neighbors!

Oh, and one of them turned the big 5-0. I won't tell you which one, because then I would have to kill you. And probably myself. (That's an inflatable walker, for those of you who are above such blow-up novelty gifts. It was pretty funny, brother!)

For Father's Day, we kept it simple. The rain kept us from grilling out, but our stove served the same purpose just fine. And there were these cookies, so really, we didn't need anything else. (The centerpiece is cherries from our cherry tree. I don't yet have any flowers in my garden or landscape, so it was my attempt at being creative...)

Happy Father's Day, father-in-law. Those are some handsome boys you've got there!

Happy Father's Day, daddy. That offspring doesn't quite match the handsome-ness quotient of the previous picture, but at least she can make cookies!

Heh. I told you we got them bullets and booze as gifts. Pictorial proof!

They thought it was funny...

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