Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

Dudes, can you handle this? I always knew that I liked Tom's Shoes (for every pair you purchase, they give a pair to a less fortunate child). I have been meaning to buy a pair, but was waiting until I actually needed some (if you listen to Husband, he will tell you that I have so many pairs of shoes, that I should be set for life. Do not listen to Husband. He lies.).

Okay, so I still don't really need a new pair of shoes. At least that's what I thought. Until I saw these.Are they serious with these? Peep-toe wedges?! I am in love! What's even better, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. I know I should stick to a practical black pair, but these red striped numbers ($69) are calling my name and haunting my dreams.

I want. I want hard.

So do it, purchase a pair for yourself. Tom's is proof that giving back doesn't have to hurt. In fact, it hurts so little, maybe you should just go ahead a buy two pairs...

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