Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Fashion: Spa Time

I can feel it building, rising, squeezing my chest until I pant from anxiety: Stress. Work, work, work. Big projects. Short deadlines. I'm getting a little stressed. Perhaps Etsy can offer up a few gems to provide some relief...

Do you have one of these? A crafty friend of mine gave me one a few years ago. It is filled with rice and retains heat after microwaving. It made for such a wonderful gift. I love the fabric used on this Microwavable Hot/Cold Therapy Pillow, 19.95. This one is filled with corn, but I bet it's just as good!

Ahhh, soft, plush slippers. The height of luxury (in my world). And these are beautifully embroidered with a fleur-de-lis! Go ahead, pretend you're the queen wearing these at Versailles. Women's Waffle Weave Spa Slippers, $14.
Everyone needs a spa tote, right? Something to store your loose clothing and make-up for after that massage and facial? I love the groovy pattern on this Stella Tote, $42. Truth be told, I would probably not only use this at the spa...

You might think these look gross, but to me they look so natural and lovely! And like they would smell amazing. Perfect for a nice, long, hot bath. Just lay back and turn into a raisin. Green Tea with Roasted Rice Hand-Crafted Soap, $5.50.

I adore the smell of lavender. This Lavender Eye Pillow, $10, would feel so refreshing pressed against your face while reclining on something soft and cozy. The scent of lavender is so calming and reminds me of the white and purple lavender trees at my parents' house (which will soon belong to someone else...*sniff*). Husband and I were gifted a lavender tree sapling but it seems our black thumbs mortally wounded it and his mother's landscape tiller finished it off... Oh, and yes, I realize that the lavender in this sachet is different from the lavender trees. Humor me. I have also realized that I am clinically unable to correctly spell lavender without the help of SpellCheck.

Oh hey, I ALSO just realized that when I wrote "Lavender Trees" just now I actually was thinking of "Lilac Trees." Those are what my parents have. I don't even think "Lavender Trees" are a real thing. But now I've already gone and written that whole paragraph. So you're just going to have to live with my imperfections.

Happy Friday, everyone. TGIF, for the love of PETE.

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