Monday, May 11, 2009

It's in the bag...

I love purses. I think I always have. I don't buy one very often, and I don't put in an inordinate amount of time matching my purses to my outfits (I only have three that I alternate at the moment), but I love to waste time looking at them online and fantasizing about a world in which I could own every purse I desired (and actually have a use for all of those purses).

I also love Anthropologie. If you've never before visited the site, go. Drool. Love. The following came from there.
Smocked canvas tote. $78. This also comes in yellow...decisions, decisions. This bag kind of reminds me of a tube top...but in a significantly less slutty way.
Movement-Of-Waves Bag. $158. RRRuffles have RRRidges!
Gathered Teal Tote. $89. Okay, this is adorable.
Carrickmacross Wallet. $128. A bit exorbitant for a wallet, but I'll allow it because of the lasered design. This comes in a number of colors, but the orange really caught me eye. I don't think I could bear to stuff this away in a purse.
Spark & Silence Bag. At $288, this is the most expensive bag, but it is also my most favorite. I love, love, love the design (can you say Ode to Damask?) and the warm vs. icy colors. It looks large and heavy and carrying it would probably require me to see a chiropractor afterward, but I don't care because PRETTY.


Kyle said...

I have to say, I always feel the people I sit with think I'm "switching teams" when I hop on your blog and look at purses/dresses/ponies/stickers ;)

Angie said...

love that teal one. looks kind of tweed-y.

Katherine said...

*chuckles* Just point to the ring on your finger and the picture of me on your desk;-)

I agree, Angie! I love the teal! It's probably the one that I would pick to use in real life:)