Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As of today I have been in my current position for one year. The year has slipped by quickly, and such anniversaries offer an opportunity for inner reflection. I am much more confident in my position today than I was nine, six, or even three months ago. But I am still plagued often by self-doubt. I know that I was hired because I am young and inexpensive and that there are many other people out there, perhaps also young and inexpensive, that would do a much better job. Still, I haven't run the place into the ground. I worked my way through months of backlogged projects and am now even ahead of schedule. I gained invaluable experience in my field. I clarified my plan for the future and am beginning to realize what avenue I want to drive my professional career. But I still doubt my ability.

Fittingly, today I came across an article from The Wall Street Journal entitled "Silencing the Voice That Says You're a Fraud." It is a medium-sized read that everyone could probably benefit from. It also includes a short test to determine "How Self-Critical Are You?" A score of 24 or less represents a low level, 39 is average, and a total score of 54 or more indicates a high-level of self-criticism and perfectionism. I scored 74.


whiskey9cjo said...

I scored a 53.

GeorgeDubya said...

I'm somewhat surprised to say that I got a 30. I was expecting a much higher score than that.

I guess I am more laid back and lazy than I thought I was.

Kyle said...

I scored a 77...hooray!