Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fashion: Kitchen Decor Galore!

Please understand that I don’t enjoy being around people who intentionally brag about what they own. Having said that, I beg you to allow me to be completely hypocritical and show you what I received for an (early) second anniversary gift.

Isn’t she beautiful? I named her Sheila. She’s a svelte 5-quart KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. I have coveted her for a long time now, and she is finally here, gracing me with her onyx black presence.

I’m sure you must be thinking, “What a sexist gift! A husband giving his wife a stand mixer, a mere kitchen utensil, for a wedding anniversary? Why didn’t he just buy her a vacuum cleaner and an ironing board?”

Well, because that’s what I got for my first anniversary.

(Just kidding. I didn’t get anything for my first anniversary.*)

People, I have no shame. I don’t care if I’m setting women’s suffrage back 100 years. I’ll gladly don my apron and pearl necklace and high heels, waiting by the front door with a cocktail when my husband gets home from work, just to have Sheila in my kitchen. I love her. She is a piece of elegant machinery, to be used and buffed and passed down from one generation to the next.

In honor of my newest love, today’s Friday Fashion will be a little kitchen-centric.

Speaking of that apron...

Please. Please don't judge me. This is frickin' frackin' adorable. And the pockets make it totally utilitarian, right? I would prance around the kitchen in this Bib Audrey Pink Poppy Fields Apron from Jessie Steele for $32.95. PRANCE, I TELL YOU.

Uhm. And there's even matching Pink Poppy Fields Oven-Mitts for $11.95. STOP JUDGING ME.

What kitchen is complete without salt and pepper shakers? These Whale Salt And Pepper Shakers from Jonathan Adler at $48.00 are cuter than two kittens in a boot. If whale's aren't cute enough for you, he also has penguins, fish and cats, among others.

And every kitchen needs two essential safety features: a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher. I can't imagine a beautifully designed smoke alarm, but I wish the extinguisher we purchased was as cute as these by French Fire Design.

I'm not a hot tea girl (iced is my tea of preference), but I definitely think I could stomach drinking hot tea from such a sweet little pot like these Anne Kraitz LUST Tea Pots from Huset for $170.00. Just gimme a lemon wedge.

Finally, every kitchen needs a few tea towels! These Atelier LZC towels for $19-$20 are so colorful, at least one of them is sure to match your kitchen! I'm partial to the one of the far left. I've always had a soft spot for butterflies. Which one do you like?

*I didn’t get anything for my first anniversary because Husband and I made the mutual decision to put our money toward a house…that we would not end up buying for another six months. So don’t go yelling at Husband on my behalf…he’s an excellent, doting man. And what an ass!

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Kyle said...

Hehe, you haven't received everything yet. I got you a few surprises at least :)