Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Fashion: Librarians are sexy, too

I know I promised you a third installment of Christmas-inspired Friday Fashion, but you're just going to have to wait with bated breath for that because I have something even better.

Being an editor for a university press under the umbrella of the school's libraries, I come into contact with a lot of librarians. I might be one myself if I could stand the moldy smell in the stacks and the annoying throngs of students googling "boobs" on the library computers. One thing I have learned is that, similar to the popular misconception of secretaries and nurses, librarians are not sexy. At all, really. They are generally bespectacled and dress with some modicum of prudishness (I'm looking back at you, KittyMarie). They are reserved. But don't you think, under that bookworm facade, there might be a smartly dressed fashionista in sensible heels and a pencil skirt just dying to be released? I think so. So does Spool 72, which provides proof that librarians can be well dressed and begrudgingly help you locate the newest piece of fluff fiction.

A librarian needs a large, lovely bag to carry all of those volumes of Twilight Harry Potter Pride and Prejudice. I love this Stacks Tote (yes, that's really what it is called) for $68. (And just think of all the outfits it would match with those colors!)

If you're going to be a sexy librarian, you need an understated sexy little dress. While this is a very dignified length, it never hurts to show a little arm. Give those scholars what they're looking for (oh, they're only looking for a fellowship and some grant money?'s a cute dress). Literally called "Librarian Dress" for $52.

Libraries are notoriously chilly. Throw this little Bookworm Cardigan over your shoulders for some warmth (and adorable-ness). Oh, I am a sucker for ruffles. $42.

Is the plum color in the previous cardigan a little bright for you? Prefer to look like you just stepped out of a secondhand bookshop in the English countryside? Try this Toffee Knit Sweater on for size. It fits me just right at $52.

For the librarian's night out, I love the striking color and feminine detailing of this 3rd floor blouse. Such a sweet, elegant top. $42.

Finally, every librarian needs a bit of bling to help catch the eye of that handsome young professor. I am in love with these Mrs. Wingeter Earrings for $26. Gold and purple is a beautiful combination.

Love your librarian (*cough* or editor *cough*), everybody.

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blind irish pirate said...

I always loved the thought of being a librarian. Books! All day!

But I am not vintage-femme enough to be the well put together fashionista. Me and my line backer shoulders are going to stick to bulky sweaters and schmants that fail to elongate the body, giving a stunted appearance.