Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fashion: Holiday Party

If you are cooler than I am (nearly everyone is) and are invited to a fabulous holiday party with beautiful people and clinking champagne glasses, I think you should wear this, because I would. You know, if I was invited.

New York & Company Sleeveless Necklace Top, $19.97. But skip the necklace part, which is detachable. Your stunning cleavage will be enough. Actually having cleavage helps.

J. Crew Stardust Pencil Skirt, $118, in gunmetal. Oh, how I love the word "gunmetal."
You can't go to a holiday party without at least a little bit of festive red. Nine West Day, $68.95. I think you're old enough to handle kitten heels and a pointy toe. Just don't stand idly on any street corners.

Cerulean Smoky Quartz Drop Earrings, $28.00. Imaging these dancing as you flip your hair ever-so-seductively.Oh, y'alls. This is the bag that inspired this post. I am in love with this Urban Expressions clutch in grey for $48. It makes me melt off my chair. I would pair this with a garbage bag if I had to.

But I digress. Wear these beautiful, sparkly things and get noticed at your next chic party with all of your chic friends talking about chic topics.

I'll just be over at my house eating Cheetos straight from the bag and gargling some sparkling grape juice.


Kyle said...

Sounds like a good party to me ;)

Matty said...

i love your blog! please never stop being awesome!

Katherine said...

Pretty sure you will be sitting next to me on the couch with those Cheetos;-)

Thanks for the love, Matty, though I've never been awesome, and that seems to work for me, so I probably shouldn't start trying now. ;-)

Matty said...

disagree, you're totally awesome!