Thursday, December 10, 2009

Help, please!

I have grown to love DSW. I was only introduced to DSW in the past year, but I have already decided that when I die, I plan to forgo Heaven and instead spend eternity in this shoe store.

As evidence of my conviction, I recently bought this pair of shoes, of which I am still in love.Rocket Dog Memories Thai Silk Knotted Flat. I usually have a major case of shoe regret after a purchase. Not so with this pair. They even look cute with a darling pair of striped socks (yes, I wear flats with socks. So shoot me; it's negative fifteen degrees outside.).

On to my dilemma. I have a $10 reward certificate for DSW. Plus, DSW currently has several great checkout coupon codes for free shipping and additional cash off orders over a certain amount, probably thanks to the holiday season. But what to buy? I only want to use the coupon on one (reasonably priced) item, but the problem is that I have 5,349 items currently on my wishlist. In the name of frugality, I need your help. What should I buy? Tell me persuasively in the comments which item is worthy of my purchase.*** Help a sister out (click on the links for the crappy purse thumbnail images if you want to see them in Full Living Color).Poppie Jones Ruffled Dome SatchelUrban Expressions Pleated Tote (in BROWN)Mondani Kendall Small Satchel (in BLUE)Rocket Dog Asahi Dash Sport Oxford Rocket Dog Capucine Knotted FlatJones New York Gringot Woven FlatMiss Me Millie 1 Hidden Wedge FlatRampage Hayley Beaded Flat

***I reserve the right to ignore any and all advice and buy something on impulse, even if it is ugly. Sorry. I'm like that.

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Lester said...

As you have not yet recieved offical blogy comments, I shall recommend the sport oxfords. (feet need to be warm yo, and those seem the most snow falling into resistant)