Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fashion: Christmas, Part 3

This is a very different year for us. Because my Dad can no longer go to his favorite local store, from which all of his Christmas presents come, we decided to forgo gift giving with my parents. It hasn't necessarily been a bad thing. This year I have only to worry about Husband, his parents and brother, and a few assorted friends. And so far I have completed gift buying for...Husband.

What? Christmas is in fourteen days? Oh, my...does anyone have a fire extinguisher handy? I think I'm going down in flames.

I wanted to be a sheep and do a gift guide for today's Friday Fashion Christmas FINALE, but I couldn't decide how to categorize the wonderful trifles that abound on Teh Internets. So, instead, I will run down some of my favorite (or just plain interesting) Web sites so you can hopefully check out something new and get some fresh perspective on gift giving. I know I'm going to need some fresh perspective...

Think Geek
This is one of my favorite Husband gift sites. You can buy all things geek here and be in very good company. The ThinkGeek 8-bit Tie, $14.99.

Fred Flare
This site has some adorable clothing, but it is their accessories that are just precious. Take, for example, this Petit Four Lip Balm Set, $18. Perfect for a wind-chapped friend.

Mod ClothThis site has especially cute bags, but their clothing is sweet as well. I love the childlike simplicity of this Mod Go Round Bag, $59.99.

CeruleanThis site brings a little fashion to everyday living. Cotton Print Napkins in Orange Leaves, $36.

I recently became acquainted with this site, and I have fallen in love with what they have to offer. Take, for example, these Rondo Stoneware Dispensers, $12.

Jayson Home & Garden
Another site that is relatively new to me, this is a bit on the pricey side, but has some great deals if you look hard enough. I adore the rustic feel and the continual enjoyment these Seed Bombs, $9, would supply.

Everything but the kitchen sink. I want this pillow on my bed. The Lovebirds Pillow by Ferm Living, $110.

West ElmSleek and sophisticated offerings, like this stunning Silver Ceramic Refined Vase, $24.99.

Hable ConstructionCutsie poopsie household items. Camel Reeds & Berries Wool Felt Applique Tablerunner, $168.

And that concludes all Friday Fashion-related Christmas posts. Go forth and stimulate the economy. We're all counting on you.

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