Sunday, February 24, 2013


In November, my sisterfriend announced some very big news.
No, it isn't a picture of a dog's nose (which is what our aunt thought at first). It's a brand, spankin' new human being.
See? She has proof.

She was born six weeks after me, and as two only children, we've been sisters to one another throughout life. And now I get to be an "aunt."

On Super Bowl Sunday, she announced the gender. She made cute bows, so everyone could show off their guess (wear it in your hair for a girl, wear it as a bow tie for a boy). I made little cards for everyone to scratch (she added the pink or blue). And suddenly, we knew a little bit more about the newest member of our family.
We've dubbed the little bean "Carl." I can't wait to meet him around June 30.

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