Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Fashion: Back to my roots

I'm going back to my roots for this Friday Fashion post. No, I'm not talking about the dingy blond that is appearing at the crown of my head (mental note: get some darn highlights already). Many of my original fashion/design posts focused on shoes. Beautiful, glorious shoes. I think I'm going to have a daughter and name her Imelda. Thoughts?

I digress: Sam Edelman. I had never heard of him (her?) before yesterday, but I am now fully enthralled. Here is a taste of his (her?) fall 2009 collection. Yum.

Yvonne from the Sahara Collection. The dainty heel and soft rounded toes complement the Western hint in the detail work. These would look so adorable with jeans, but would go just as well with a tailored suit at the office!

Jackson from the Indie Folk Collection. So. Y'alls. I have seriously been searching for boots like these for the past two winters. Everything I find that looks reasonable cute have chunky (ew) and/or skyscraper-tall heels that would not mix well with my clumsy physique and the icy, winter ground. I looked and looked for something with a ballet flat bottom that had some kind of soft point to the toe and came in a pretty, neutral color. And here they are. Granted, they're probably hundreds of dollars (there were no prices listed on Edelman's Web site, never a promising sign), but at least now I know they exist.

Ida from the Tough Lux Collection. I own a pair of pointy-toed shoes. I really can't pull them off. They're too pointy, you know? Inching into the high class witch realm. These are the perfect point. Dainty, delicate, delicious. I'm not a big bow person, but just look at those...leather bows! SQUEE!

Isador from the Textures Collection. Again, dainty points. Sweet. And the red is definitely my favorite! For those of you who are afraid of pointy-toed shoes, take heed: your toes should end as the slope of the point begins. They should not be squished into that point. Apparently this was not tradition back in the old days. My grandmother's toes were actually squished together, coming to a point on their own, from too many years of wearing too-tight pointy shoes, as was probably the style. It was like Chinese foot binding! Pointy toes should not be painful!

Candela from the Textured Collection. Again with the bows. I apologize. I don't know what's gotten into me today! But you just can't beat a ballet flat!

Have a great weekend everyone. No promises, but we might actually get our fridge in this weekend! It will require ripping out some drywall and crossing all of our fingers and toes at the same time. There will probably be some sacrificial blood letting rituals and dancing to a god or two, but we will one day have a working fridge in our very own house that we will actually live in.

Sidenote. Wednesday night we discovered the house no longer had water. I guess this would bother me more if I actually lived there. Still, if I'm going to pay for water (and what a silly, silly thing to's free, did you know that?), I want to actually have water. Magically, last night, the water returned. However, Husband's car broke down right as we were about to leave work. It's still sitting there. I don't know what we're going to do...have it towed...have someone come on-site to check it out...chop it up and sell it for parts...possibly just set the whole thing on fire accidentally...whatever the outcome, please send cash.

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