Sunday, September 13, 2009


iStock sent me a lovely e-mail notice cuing me in to the fact that the credits I purchased a year ago will expire in one month. Use it or lose it, baby.

So, not to let good image credits go to waste, perhaps it is time once again to change the look of my blog. I adopted the current look back in October 2008, allowing readers to help determine the banner with Choose or Die (or whatever...).

I really like the current design. It's clean and simple with plenty of white space. And, boy, do I love white space (no, I'm not being racist. It's a graphic design term. Look it up. Jeez.).

But, while I customarily become a mewling, sniveling infant in the face of change, it is (usually) good.

So, does anyone have any good ideas? Help a sister out. iStock has plenty of pretties to choose from.


whiskey9cjo said...

I think it needs a wood grain back ground.

Matty said...

#1, i like that it melts eyes.

whiskey9cjo said...

Copious use of the blink tag, with bright green text please. I don't have a CRT so it doesn't hurt as bad these days.

blind irish pirate said...

You have such a sophisticated, quirky way about you. You need something equally quirky and sophisticated.