Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fashion: Someone's in the kitchen with Dina

Certain people in my life who shall go unnamed have been clamoring for a Christmas list of late, which I've found quite difficult to compose this year. I just can't think of anything I need. Really! Until I saw these:I KNOW, RIGHT? INDIVIDUAL CUPCAKE PEDESTALS. No, if you were wondering, nothing in life is more adorable than these. Set of 6, $42. I read somewhere that they are on sale for $35.

So the adorableness started me thinking about warm holiday baking, and then I started contemplating aprons again. I know I've covered aprons before, like in this post, but they are just so darn cute, especially the aprons from Anthropologie! I want to wear one as I gently place a freshly baked apple pie to cool on an open windowsill while leaning out and hollering to the well-muscled farmhands that, "Suppa's redday!"
Three-Star Apron, $32.Trousseau Apron, $38.Winter Iris Apron, $32.

The only problem with these aprons is that they are far too pretty to actually wear while I bake! No matter how hard I try to be neat, I inevitably end up with food coloring stained fingers, flour dusting my front, and icing smeared on my pants. How could I subject these beauties to that horror?

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