Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

Aside from the general mess it creates, I enjoy cooking. Specifically: baking. However, I am not great at making food that isn't sweet and fattening. Raw meat disgusts me. I have a hard time not upchucking onto my countertop whilst rubbing down a icy chicken or slicing hunks of beef into manageable shapes. It takes me several attempts before I feel confident making a new side dish or main entree (maybe that's why it took me nine hours to cook a complete Mother's Day meal...). But I do love to bake.

I am of the culinary school of thought that more butter is always better. More sugar makes life sweeter. And more vanilla is more vanderful, dahling.

Oh, and a cute apron always helps...
The Lady's Apron, $32.

Seriously, you should try my baklava. It will send you into diabetic shock, guaranteed.

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