Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

I so love green, vibrant, living plants. You will rarely, if ever, see fake flowers or foliage used as decor in my home (I do not count the faux flowers I keep in my craft room to incorporate into cards or gifts!). I hope to have our garden in the ground this month. I got my parents' garden in on Memorial Day last year, which was really pretty late, so I hope I do not beat my own record. Next weekend is looking good for this project. (However, my procrastination has worked in my favor this year as it continues to frost every so often! Oh, Indiana, you are a devilish wench...)

We are very lucky to have a large backyard in which to grow lots of yummy fruits and vegetables, but if you are not quite so lucky, perhaps you could use this interesting (and cute) selection of "Garden in a Bag."They offer all the popular kitchen herbs that can grow right on your countertop! Plus, they are only $9.00 per bag and will grow year round!

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