Friday, May 28, 2010


To be nauseatingly punny, I did not go Gaga for the most recent episode of "Glee."

In general, I am not a Lady Gaga fan. I don't think she has reached the level of icon that would necessitate an entire episode devoted to her...let's call it music. I think I understand what she tries to accomplish with her outlandish fashion statements, but I am not yet convinced that she isn't just another flavor of the month. I don't much care for Madonna, but I completely understood the episode centered around her; she is an icon. It would be the same if they focused on Michael Jackson hits.

I will admit, however, to enjoying Kurt's "Bad Romance" and the outfits the cast sported. But the major disappointment was the Rachel-Shelby duet of "Poker Face." I appreciated the new, playful take on the song, but I felt it was so completely inappropriate for the touching moment. I was aghast. Particularly after their stunning rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" in the episode prior.

One shining scene in the episode, however, was Burt Hummel confronting Finn about his apparent homophobia. Mike O'Malley deserves to win a major award for that scene alone. I am not sure I will ever be able to watch it again, it was that intense.

You've only got two more episodes left, "Glee." You'd better bring it.


Angie said...

on the money, friend. i watched it on Hulu and skipped over the whole poker face joke.

blind irish pirate said...

Only two!! :(

Yeah, the Burt Hummel conflict was freaking horrifying, I got kinda jittery watching it. Then I read the article you shared on bookface and I needed a stiff drink.

I agree about Gaga.

Katherine said...

HAHA, sorry to force you into the arms of alcohol, BlindIrish...I'll try to keep it a little more cheery next week :)

Love that you both agree about Gaga - three against the world (the Glee site rated the Poker Face song as the BEST of the episode...seriously!)!