Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Eye Candy

My work centers completely around computers, for better or for worse. Without a computer, I cannot edit or typeset my books and journals during my eight-to-five, and I cannot design freelance pieces during my evenings and weekends. They are often infuriating and easy to become lost inside (this from the girl who could get lost while putting on a sweatshirt). But they are necessary to my life. Might as well inject a little style (and just downright cool accessories) into the process.Husband is currently waiting with bated breath for the imminent arrival of his newest toy. We rationalized the toy because I am leaving on a jet plane for a work conference in a few weeks (note to robbers: Husband isn't going anywhere. He will be home. With large, ferocious dogs. And guns.), so I did want something I could easily take with me to the sessions. If we are to join the legions of devoted but dunderheaded Mac devotees, I suppose the least I could do is get a neat laptop skin! Like this one for $19.95!

A dear friend who is leagues cooler than I showed me these Greensforged metal mouse pads recently, and they are just too original! This is their most popular model, L7, and for $40 you also get a free inscription stamped into the pad. This would make a pretty sweet gift, methinks.Finally, I'm in 1980s love with this Cassette Tape Tote Bag. I recently came across my favorite cassette tape of all time, Los del Rio's "Macarena."

I know, right? My [cruel, wenchlike, terrifying] elementary choir teacher made us do the dance on the gym floor. In front of an audience. The pain of this memory is only surpassed by the other, more horrible memory of her making us perform "Achy Breaky Heart" in the same forum. With cowboy hats. She truly was evil incarnate.

So click on the video. And try getting that out of your head today. I dare you.

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