Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Matthew and Dedra's Wedding

On Sunday I had the privilege of participating as a bridesmaid in my friend Dedracula's wedding. Our relationship came full circle, from starting out as just a "friend of a friend" to becoming completely enamored with her awesomeness. She is so funny and kind and intelligent. And she has met her male equal, so together their awesomeness may be able to break the sound barrier.

Aside from an icy wind that snaked up the back of my lovely sangria-colored dress and violated my most special parts, the day was beautiful and the event went off without a hitch. The only downside of participating in a wedding is that I can't take pictures of the ceremony itself. Don't worry though. I made a thorough nuisance of myself before and after with my extra-bright flash!
Their guest book was Dr Seuss' Oh! The Places You'll Go! Adorable.
Instead of a ring pillow, the little bearer carried a ring dinosaur. Of course.
BlindIrishPirate officiated the ceremony. Her words were so thoughtful, entertaining, and poignant. I hope the couple had a video camera running! No one else could have spoken so eloquently.
Dedracula's sister was the maid of honor. Her speech at the reception was funny and heartwarming. She is a lovely lady!
My mommy and daddy were able to attend the reception. They even made it onto the dance floor!
I adore the way he is looking at his new bride. That is love.
A picture of the bling is required. And he is still giving her that look! He's twitterpated, I tells ya! P.S. Doesn't her skin look creamy? Yum. And I love that she wore her glasses. She is one special bride.
This is my favorite picture of all of the images from the day.
The couple had umpteen varieties of cheesecake for dessert. And these two quackers adorned the table.
The bridal party left a few surprises on and in the car. Just a little something for later! Emphasis on little.
Congratulations, Matthew and Dedra. Your Thug loves you with all her wittle heart.


blind irish pirate said...

Just a *little* surprise in the car.
1) Yes, she does look creamy. Nom.
2) I loved the fact kept her glasses.
3) I loved the cheesecake.
4) That is a really good picture of them dancing.
5) I had the best seat in the house during their vows, because not only was he twitterpated, so was she.

KittyMarie said...

*chuckles* I wish I liked cheesecake more; I didn't have any. I'm just not a cream cheese kinda gal, I guess. Good point on #5. I neglected to mention that the twitterpation was mutual :)