Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boxing up the past (cont'd)

Three years and eleven months after Husband and I wed, the process of boxing up that last giant, fluffy, millstone little piece of our special day has finally been dealt with. I took The Dress to the adorable shop where I bought it (as well as both of my prom dresses). It is such a wonderful place, and I frequented there so often, that the owner even began to recognize me whenever I popped in. Not an insignificant feat, I imagine, considering the number of women that patronize her shop.

The shop took my dress and dealt with sending it off to be boxed and cleaned and returned safely and conveniently. I'm pleased with the results and, more than anything, happy to have it out of my closet and off of my mind. It was something that has needed to be done for a long time, and it is finally finished.

The company that boxed the dress, Wedding Dress Preservation Co., isn't only available through specialty shops. You can send your dress there directly and "preserve the memory" as their site suggests. I'm happy it is finished.

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