Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boxing up the past

Three years and ten months after Husband and I were married on that warm, sunny Bastille Day, I finally packed my wedding dress into the car and drove it back to where I bought the frock, so that it could be sent out and cleaned and folded and boxed.

So much meaning is put into The Dress, but after The Big Day, the dress just sits mouldering in the former bride's closet. Some women sell the dress or give it away. Other trash the dress. And I fall into the last category, the keepers. I have enough trouble getting rid of Christmas cards from ten years ago, so there's no way I would have the gumption to get rid of such an important outfit in my life. So I sent it to be boxed. Finally. But not without trying it on one last time.

Oh yeah, it still fits.


blind irish pirate said...

You seriously were a kickin' classic bride... and incredibly beautiful in it today. :)

KittyMarie said...

You're a sweetiepants *blushes* :)