Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Fashion: Easter

To finalize the Easter Eggstravaganza here at KittyMarie (ha, see what I did there? I'm a true original...), here are some sweet, springy Easter dresses that would work great for your church service or family luncheon or ritualistic sheep sacrifice (you, know, "lamb of God." Or was that in bad taste?).
I adore the white base of this dress and the graphic flowers (and pockets!). To prove that there does exist a vengeful God, I would be certain to accidentally spill some of that sheep blood on this lovely frock. Gallerista Party Dress, $325.
More with the big, graphic flowers, but what other time of year could you don giant roses and not be scorned and/or institutionalized? Abstract Floral Dress, $29.97.
Okay, don't judge me on this one. I love the soft colors (especially the gray bottom). Plus, I have a serious ruffle problem. I apologize; I am seeking professional help. This dress just might be the cure. Swan Cloud Dress in Pink, $199.99.

Go forth and binge on Cadbury eggs!

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