Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Outcome

Last night we went to our local city council meeting, where it would be decided if the factory that wants to build in our backyard would receive approval or not.

We lost.

And we sort of won, too.

Let me explain.

We knew we would lose. For a variety of reasons -- not least that this is a small community, that this is a bad economy, that the factory owner pretty much owns the town -- we knew that the expansion of the factory would be approved. And so it was.

However, the concerns brought up at the advisory council meeting in late October, the precursor to the city council meeting, were heard. The factory VP will do his due diligence to mitigate the noise, and as they dig out the entire hillside (yeah, it's stupid), they will deposit the dirt behind the expansion, creating a berm. On top of this berm they will plant the landscaping. And they will pay for a privacy fence on our and my in-laws' property. This berm (and, of course, fence) will also end up discouraging factory workers from taking a shortcut across our property (something that happens now).

So, we lost, but it's the best possible loss. We shall see what the future holds.

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blind irish pirate said...

Do not let them forget these promises. The highway reroute going around campus? We looked at a house (wonderful) in a neighborhood outside of town (nice) and they were told one thing, then eleven years later, BAM, in goes the highway and what they were told was a complete lie.

Do. Not. Back. Down.