Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Whole New House

At long last, our home has landscaping.

It has morphed from a sad, empty (save for the numerous weeds), ugly space into something streamlined, and beautiful, and blessedly low-maintenance.

Observe, the horror of before:
And the gorgeous after, with plants (with room to grow) and neutral rock.
The little teensy spot on the other side of our garage might be my's so cute!
From the road...a house that NO LONGER looks abandoned!
Having this project complete makes me very happy. Please e-mail if you would like the name of our landscaper. He did a wonderful job (in nearly freezing rain, no less), and we hope to expand the landscaping down the sides of our house in a year or so.
P.S. Husband and I can take credit for painting the porch the much more pleasant shade of brown. Let's hope it not only looks lovely, but also staves off the carpenter bees next summer!


Katie said...

Beautiful! It must feel great!

KittyMarie said...

I LOVE mentally checking "to dos" off my list. This was a biggie!

anne said...

oh my goodness gracious!...looks LOVELY mrs. Katherine!...congrats on finishing it all up:)...the plants are going to look so great when they grow up:)...