Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily Eye Candy

I realize I've had a bout of radio silence whole week with no new posts! Shameful.

Two Mondays ago I came in to work and was greeted by an e-mail from my Dad (yes, he e-mails now. The whole world has gone mad.) that my grandmother had fallen. It turns out she broke her hip.* Life seems to have spiraled from there for yours truly, with commitments and busy days and a giant freelance project coming due.

Mea culpa.

On a completely frivolous note, I got a new iPhone. New, in this case, is new to me. I received Husband's hand-me-down phone while he grasped the new 4S in his sweaty little hands. I hold no grudge, however. I hated my previous damn phone. And now I can play Tetris! Whenever! I! Want!

Built must have divined my new acquisition, because I just found some beautiful new accoutrements on their site. These are actually for the 4S, but Husband tells me they're practically the same. Swearsies.

*The most stereotypical of elderly injuries. She's currently recuperating in a local nursing home (the same one my dad recuperated in, unfortunately). It looks like she will ride out the winter there, at least. For those who are familiar, let us hope they never let her return home.

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