Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daily Eye Candy

I just found an adorable online shop with an adorable name: The Curiosity Shoppe. It doesn't get more cute or more interesting than the items here! Take a peek for yourself.
I don't really want to talk about how much I need these gloves. Hello, my name is KittyMarie, and I have trouble telling right from left. Just ask Husband, who often tells me while driving, "That's the leftiest right I've ever seen." $60.
I adore this simple and sweet heart tote bag. $48.
I love these two tea towels together, but the ship is probably my favorite. Washing dishes can be fun if you have cute towels! $28/each.
This is the "How-Tie" for you inept gentlemen (or ladies, not judging)'t know how. It's certainly not a skill I've mastered. I personally like zip-up ties. $18.
This is a brooch that looks like a pipe. Love it! And it won't give you lung cancer! Score! $30.

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