Friday, February 10, 2012

Daily Ear Candy

"Ear candy" actually sounds really disgusting. Let's just agree to pretend I never said that.

Thanks to a link share from Husband, I've become addicted to "Gunslinging Rambler" by Gangstagrass. This music is a combination of hip-hop and bluegrass, and they have the most interesting sound that I've heard in a good long while. Groups like this make me think that our world may actually be able to survive singers like Ke$ha (or, as Principal Figgins would say, "key-dollar sign-ha").

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blind irish pirate said...

You know, I feel like for the past couple of years, the mainstream musical industry suffered a severe crisis, of apocalyptic proportions. But the past year has really proved to be a bit of a renaissance, a reckoning, of sorts. Thanks for sharing. :)