Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Fam

Last weekend we hosted my cousin and his wife and his adorable daughter (who we also were meeting for the first time!). It was so special to have them nearby, if only for a brief period of time.

I took Friday off and accompanied them and my other cousin -- my sisterfriend and her sweet baby -- to a local park to wander and watch animals and take a little train ride and play in the water.  

This was also their first time meeting Baby G!
We took a little side trip to visit our grandparents' old homestead, now essentially abandoned well over a year. It was nostalgic to walk the grounds and reminisce about our time spent swimming in old cow troughs (to my knowledge, none of us ever contracted tetanus, miraculously). Our family will never again gather together in that house, with Grandma in the kitchen whipping mashed potatoes and Grandpa planted in his recliner. It is with somber and mixed feelings that I think of this. But I am looking forward to new memories, to happy ones, of adult cousins still gathering as a group, watching their own children frolic together (just maybe not in cow troughs). 

After that we took them to our grandparents' assisted living home, where [Great] Grandma and [Great] Grandpa met Baby E for the first time. 

Four generations. 

The next day we returned for a family party. A different setting, but the same cast of characters. [Great] Grandpa met Baby G for the first time. 

These are precious memories, and I was happy to capture them. Thank you so much for taking the time and making the long journey to visit, R, A, and E. We love you dearly!

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