Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Babies Just Keep Popping Up

After posting yesterday about the current baby name fixation that I try to keep to myself in casual conversation, lest I creep out my close friends and family, I happened upon this article at

Uh-may-zing. My particular favorite is #7: Baby Mop. The inventor is either a complete and utter genius with obsessive-compulsive tendencies toward cleaning or an individual who takes great pleasure in scarring children for life...or both. Seriously, just read it.

Meanwhile: boy names. Not as fun, cute, or interesting, but necessary, I suppose. My personal favorite is Alexander John. This was supposed to be my name if I came out with a few extra below-the-belt accessories. I've always like this name, especially the nickname "Alex" (in spite of knowing other, dubious people nicknamed "A.J.") and the name "John" would serve to honor some special people in both my and Husband's lives. I also like Baylor. No, not like "hay bailer." Just an interesting name. This name has been firmly mocked by Husband, so I don't think it's ever going to happen. Husband and I both like the name "Odin," which is also the name of the chief god in Norse mythology. He rode an eight-legged horse, was the god of the god of wisdom, poetry, prophecy, and magic, and is also associated with war, battle, death, victory, and the hunt. The kid would have to be bad ass to pull off a name like that. Unfortunately, any child Husband and I produce will likely turn out to be a pale, sickly 5'1" lover of all things geek. I don't think I want to saddle a child with a name that entails shoes larger than he could ever hope to fill. Although it could be interesting to watch. Ooo the power.


Whatshisname said...

Odin, eh? I knew it originate from Norse mythology but I always remember it as an awesome summon from the Final Fantasy series.

I find your baby name fixation to be funny. Thanks to you, I am seriously (not really) thinking of giving the middle name Valveleen to a daughter.

You might be wondering who this is and guess what? I'll never tell...although you have probably figured it out by what I mentioned ^_^*.

KittyMarie said...

Hmmm...Final Fantasy...I think I've been duped by my significant other. He also suggested "Link" at one time. I think our kid is in trouble.

John said...

You know, I find it funny (and cool) that you read

Ann reads that site constantly :-)

I've yet to be convinced to read it but that's mostly because I barely have enough time for the stuff I am SUPPOSED to read.

stupid government docuements....

KittyMarie said...

I've become a addict, somehow. *Shame*