Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fashion: Be Mine

In honor of Valentine's Day, in honor of a crappy week, in honor of winter being over someday soon, and in honor of flowers once again bursting through soft earth, I bring you a post about vases. Because you've got to have something in which to display those dozen roses, right?

First up, my newest love. This might be more of a planter than a vase, but it is so unique and lovely that it gets included. There are a number of other equally beautiful shapes and styles, so check them out here.Test tube Zen? Whatever it is, it is super modern, sleek, and earthy. I bet replicating this arrangement would even make a great do-it-yourself project! $44.95 from here.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this. Entitled "Love is Blind," this vase highlights "love letters transcribed into braille." So sentimental, yet so simple and elegant. $87 from here.

How cool are these? Called "Dancing Vases," these are the most unique by far. You might want to go easy on the water though. From here.

No, it isn't black magic. These are magnetic vases. How do they work? I'll let the Web site explain: "The magnet secretly hides under any tablecloth to hold up modern rectangle vases allowing you to create your own unique flower arrangements." Neat-o, huh? I wonder if these could double as candle holders! Either way, they would look so lovely gracing your table! $49.95 from here.

So remember on this Valentine's Day, my pets: the flowers may wither and die, but a vase will last forever (*sappy music* just like your love). Oh, and so will diamonds. Just in case you were wondering. Because then "she'll pretty much have to."

All my love,

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