Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fashion: Dish towels

In just a few short months of living in our home my dish towels have become atrocious looking, thanks to several unfortunate tea maker leaks and general wear and tear. They were nothing too fancy to begin with, but they did the job. And now they are a little embarrassing.

So, this Friday Fashion will show you a few dish towels that I am loving, and hopefully it will spur me to invest in fresh, unstained towels I can be proud of. Dish towels in a kitchen are like earrings in an outfit - not always necessary to hang for everyone to see, but wonderful accents of beauty nonetheless.
This is the most country-looking, down-home example on the list. Hopefully it doesn't make you think of roosters and apples and barns and other such stereotypical country decor. If you could only see my mother's kitchen wallpaper...*Shudders* I love the rustic look of the cloth and the simple, graphic figure drawing. Artichoke Hemp Towel, $18.Oh, Ikea, you never disappoint. These look crisp and colorful. They make me smile. I would love to hang one or ten in my kitchen. That is, you know, if I had a towel rack. Ellakajsa, $4.99/3 pack.

The bright, cheerful color, the unique pattern, the simplicity - what's not to love? How adorable would it be to give these double duty as placemats on top of a complementary-colored tablecloth?! Jenn Dishtowel, $4.95.I just love the floral pattern mixed with the stripes! I have honestly never before seen shades of pink/mauve done in a such a wonderfully neutral fashion - they aren't completely masculine, but they aren't overtly feminine either. This set would make a great wedding gift! Pansy 5-pc. Kitchen Set, $19.99.

"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag..." I can't think of anyone else but Mary Poppins singing this sweet, soft song when I look at this dish towel. So wonderful. Please Feed the Birds Dish Towel, $9.99.

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