Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fashion: Ottoman Empire

I wore the wrong shoes today.

The slushy ground created by the current snowstorm left my [adorable but impractical] canvas shoes dripping and my socks drenched. I can't feel anything below mid-calf, and I'm pretty sure my toes have turned into raisin look-alikes.

So I'm putting up my feet in front of an imaginary fire on top of an imaginary ottoman. If I had an ottoman, it might look like one of these.

First, let's pretend we're in a lovely tropical locale, sitting on a verandah, the salty sea air creating the effortless tousled look for our hair. Are you there with me? Can you feel the warm breeze and taste the sunshine? Good. Now put your feet up on this Rasunda Rattan Ottoman, $326.99.Now we're in a sophisticated Big City loft, completely decorated in black and white and chrome. We are preparing hors d'oeuvres and pouring champagne into tall flutes in preparation of some stylish guests. Before they arrive, take a moment to relax, propping your feet on the single accent color in the entire room, the stunning red Oval Ottoman, $199.95.We move to a cozy West Coast bohemian neighborhood, close to the art scene and boutique cheese and wine shops. Before we go shopping for artichokes and sandals, take a load off on this groovy Angled Stool, $615.
We transfer to an eclectic couple's condo. They have traveled the world and can't wait to break out the scrapbooks and show you their most recently purchased souvenirs. Put your feet on this funky Turtle Foot Stool, $999, because there might be several hours of home movies after the pictures.

Finally, we end up at my house, in front of the couch with a bowl of buttered popcorn, watching Husband play his most recent video game on the Xbox. I settle my freezing tootsies on this highly coveted Frank Pouf, $650, and invite you to stoke my imaginary fireplace.Ah, life is good.

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